As the final snows of winter beginning to subside and warmer temperatures appear on the horizon, now is the ideal time to start preparing your home for this seasonal shift. Spring brings with it sunny skies, green grass, colorful flowers and numerous other forms of natural beauty, so you may want to rethink your home's aesthetic appeal to match.

One great place to focus your interior and exterior decor efforts is on your house's windows. Installing Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey makes sense from both a practical and design viewpoint. Not only can these beautiful panes of glass improve the overall look of your home, but their proven strength and energy-efficient design can maintain the temperature indoors.

After your fiberglass replacement windows have been installed, here are three ways you can enhance their appearance for spring.

Garden flower boxes
If you're interested in bringing some of the vitality of the spring season to your Marvin windows, consider starting by hanging garden flower boxes on the exterior frame. These simple wooden planters can be filled with soil, allowing you to display all of your favorite flowers.

In addition to showing off spring roses and daffodils, you can also paint these flower boxes in vibrant colors to match your plantlife. Whether you opt for a clean white appeal or add some colorful patterns of light blue, yellow and purple, these aesthetic touches are sure to get you in the spirit of spring.

Lace and floral curtains
After months of relying on heavy window drapes to block cold drafts and freezing temperatures during winter, spring is a time when you can finally let some light shine through your windows. To protect your privacy while still allowing in plenty of natural sunlight, you may want to consider hanging lace curtains in your windows.

This beautiful fabric can brighten the interior of your home while also lending a sense of sophistication. Consider pairing these with translucent floral curtains to create a multilayer spring theme.

Spring wreaths
You might think that wreaths are only meant for the winter holiday season, but they can be a welcome home decoration at any time of year. Spring is particularly appropriate for seasonal wreaths because of the abundant plantlife, so consider picking some up at a local craft store or creating one of your own.

Ideally, these window decorations should feature spring elements such as berries, green leaves, colorful flowers and wood twigs intertwined. Consider attaching a pink or blue bow to add to their appeal.

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