If you have old or poor-quality windows, things might be getting a little chilly indoors around this time of year. This can cause you to crank up the thermostat, which leads to money flying out of your pocket to cover higher energy bills. However, there are a lot of easy and cost-effective ways to help prep your windows for winter. From shades and weather stripping to insulated drapes, we’ve got the lowdown on three easy ways to keep your home warm all winter long.

1) Cellular Shades

While cellular (also called honeycomb) shades may seem too lightweight to provide much warmth in the winter, you’ll be surprised to know this is one of the best ways to insulate your windows. Cellular shades have many, well, cells, created by the way the layers of fabric are joined together. These cells trap the cool air coming in from your windows, preventing it from filling your room and causing you to crank up the heat. To maximize the shades’ insulating properties, go for the triple cell variety, as the three layers trap more air and help your room maintain more warmth.

2) Insulating Window Strips

Although replacing your windows should be a consideration if you have extensive gaps and cracks, an alternative solution is using removable insulation. These come in the form of rubber and foam strips that can be applied between the sash and along the seals. Both options often come with a mild adhesive backing to help hold the insulation in place, so you don’t have to worry about any leaks popping up.

Another option is window films. Like rubber and foam adhesives, you can find window film in strips that can be applied in the sash and around any seals. For more insulation, you can also buy films that cover the glass, or can be fitted around the entire window frame to really keep cold air out. Although clear films are less noticeable than heavy black foam and rubber insulation, they can be difficult to apply and can leave a sticky residue when removed.

3) Insulated Curtains

Another great way to keep cold air out is to outfit your windows with heavy, insulated drapes. Available in tons of colors, patterns, and fabrics, insulated curtains are by far the most beautiful way to keep your home warm in winter. Most drapes will have several layers of protection that help retain heat, absorb and trap cold air, and even help block moisture from building up. Have drapes you already love? You can pick up insulating curtain liners that easily adhere to your existing drapes, while giving your room some extra protection against the cold.

We hope you’ve found a few solutions for how to keep the warm air inside this winter. Remember that increasing the energy efficiency of your home isn’t just good for the environment; it’s good for your finances as well. By using heavy drapes, cellular shades, weather stripping, or other insulation methods, you’ll be relying less on your home heating system, and paying less on your energy bills. And, with the holidays coming up, we’re sure you’ll find a few other things to buy with the money you saved!