Whether you operate your business in a sleek, modernist space or your office has embraced a more traditional aesthetic, there's one construction element you don't want to overlook, and that's your windows.

Frequently regarded as the eyes of a home or building, windows have special significance when it comes to  elevating the look of your exterior and interior, but they can also help to regulate temperatures. Investment in the right windows can help to reduce overall heating and cooling costs in your home, as well as ensure that your office is eco-friendly.

Unsure what type of windows are the best for your office? Consider these four unique Marvin replacement windows – any one of them can have a transformative effect on the energy of your business and provide long-term cost savings.

1. Double hung
High performance double hung windows by Marvin offer a dynamic blend of classic appeal and state-of-the-art engineering and can be an exceptional addition to your business space. Easy to open both sashes, double hung windows can help circulate fresh air into the office and cool down the area during the dog days of summer.

Featuring customized configurations matched to meet your office needs and coated with low-E argon, which acts as an insulator, double hung vinyl replacement windows are a versatile choice for commercial environments.

2. Bay/Bow
Whether you shop for a bay or a bow window, the results are the same. This type of window model offers unparalleled luxury and can truly add flair to an office space. Consider installing this type of replacement window in a break room or spot where employees typically go for leisure. 

3. Awning
Used alone, awnings make a powerful impression in a room or business setting. When paired with other Marvin replacement windows, like a crank lever window, they can invigorate a drab or colorless decor by bringing more light into the space. Best of all, awnings can be a great way to aerate a room.

4. Round top
Want to imbue the office with a touch of elegance, or maybe capture the provincial charm of classic New England architecture? Invest in round top replacement windows for a stunning effect that will bring your office – not to mention your business – to a whole new level. 

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