Homeowners with families know how often kids want to change their room’s decor. You can support their style by making their rooms truly unique with Marvin replacement windows.

Your children’s rooms are some of the most frequented spaces in the house. These locations are where they do homework, play, have friends over and go to bed. As such, the spaces should encourage imagination.

Marvin offers many wonderful windows that both you and your kids will agree on. The young ones will love the uniqueness, and you’ll appreciate the quality and functionality.

1. Carve a hideaway
Bay windows are gorgeous fixtures that can improve the aesthetic of any home’s interior and exterior. Additionally, it gives your kids a small niche where they can read, play and enjoy the view. Children can put their favorite toys on display or fill the area with pillows for a cozy hideout. You can even ask a replacement window contractor to clear out the area beneath to feature some storage space. After all, there’s no such thing as having too much space when you have kids.

2. Add more sides
Take advantage of Marvin’s polygonal and special shape windows and add character to your children’s rooms. These range from octagons to rectangles with sloped tops that echo the shape of your house. When you choose Marvin’s special shape windows, you don’t have to worry about coverings. The company also offers integrated shades, which will add to the window’s character. It will be a feature that your kids will love showing off to friends and relatives.

3. Round it off
Round top windows are great fixtures that don’t stray too far from traditional rectangular windows, but are distinguishable enough to make your kids’ rooms stand out. These windows are a great way to support imagination, since they echo the architecture of many other styles, from gothic to cottage and more. Your children’s creativity will run wild with round top windows.

4. Make it versatile and fun
A truly fun window that Marvin offers is the rotary window, which is circular and can be opened at any angle. These are fun for children and adults, who will enjoy turning the sash a full 360 degrees. These are also highly functional. Since the windows can open at any angle, your children will be able to enjoy a fresh breeze regardless of weather conditions.

A new window will heighten your children’s room decor and encourage imagination. Speak to a contractor to discuss your options.