With winter just around the corner there are already several things you have to worry about: decorating your home, holiday shopping, getting the family all together in the same place. On and on the list goes. The last thing you should have to worry about is your home. In fact, before the hubbub of the holidays kicks off, you should really consider a couple home improvement projects to undertake before the snow and sleet rears its ugly head. Some of these home improvement projects can include roof and gutter repairs, winterizing your pipes, sheetrock and spackling and installing or repairing new windows. To ensure you have a (mostly) stress-free holiday season and winter, then we suggest getting started early on the above mentioned home improvement projects right now!

  1. Roof Gutter Repairs – One of the most important projects that should be completed before winter is assuring the optimal functionality of roof gutters and drains. This is instrumental in quelling the effects of snow, sleet and ice. Roof gutters and drains prevent precipitation from entering the home and when they are not functioning properly it can lead to leaks or water infiltrating the walls and framework of the premises. This can lead to a plethora of problems, including: mold, utility malfunction and structural compromise. All this from a little bit of water entering the walls or ceiling of a home without a gutter doing its job. It is essential to tackle this task before the winter comes; once the snow or ice has made its presence felt it will likely be there for a while. If the gutter cannot remove the melting ice or snow and dispense it away from the house, the problems can only intensify from there.
  2. Winterize Your Pipes – One of the biggest causes of burst pipes or significant plumbing repairs is the failure to winterize pipes. The time required is modest but the resulting effects of not doing so is anything but that. It is imperative to winterize your pipes, such as preventing them from freezing, and protect your plumbing against the lashes of winter.
  3. Window Repairs/Installations – Faulty or failing windows can allow more foreign colder air into any home and drive up energy bills or even worse, they can fail due to constant expansion and contraction. Thus, going into the brutal conditions of a northeastern winter you’ll want to make sure your windows are up to the job of keeping the warm air in, the cold air out. If your current windows are past their functional prime, then it might be time to consider a window replacement. Choosing the right windows can make all the difference.
  4. Sheetrock/Spackling – Often when it comes to sheet rock and spackling, it is required to rip down the old wall and install new insulation. It is far superior to take this project on while the weather is still affable enough to achieve such a feat. Furthermore, the room that needs that new patch or new sheet rock can be completed and ready to use before the winter comes and freezes out the room. Ensuring proper insulation before the weather drops requires less energy and time to keep the room at a comfortable temperature.

Before this winter hits, make sure your home or business is prepared for the worst by taking on the necessary tasks to ensure performance is the best. Repair those gutters, complete that sheet rock project, winterize your pipes and get those windows fixed. It may cost more now, but it may indeed save you thousands when winter comes barreling down later on.