If you just brought in affordable replacement windows for your home, you're going to want to make sure that they stay as beautiful as the day you bought them. This means maintaining your Marvin replacement windows over time to keep streak marks, dust and debris at bay. If your old windows didn't shine like they should've, you might want to think about revamping your cleaning routine. Doing so can ensure that your new ones are crystal clear for years to come – here are some tips for maintaining your windows.

1. Stay away from abrasive cleaners
Some of your most favorite cleaning products may be abrasive, which could be doing more harm than good to your windows, according to Houzz, an interior design advice site. Ideally, you should always use a mild soap or cleaner to eliminate debris from your windows. This can help you prevent the material from wearing down and reduce the chances of scratches, which are just as unsightly as dirt.

2. Wipe down your windows with newspaper
Although it may sound strange, TLC stated that using newspaper to wipe down your windows can help you achieve an impeccable shine. Additionally, the material on the newspaper can help create a film over the glass. This can resist dirt and minimize the need to clean them frequently.

3. Use the right squeegee
The Chicago Tribute reported that having the right tools to clean can make a world of difference when it comes to windows. Specifically, owning a large, reliable squeegee can simplify the job. This tool is easy on the glass and provides satisfying results. Best of all, it won't scratch your windows like a scour pad.

4. Add a bit of dishwashing liquid
This soap can make your dishware sparkle, so why not your windows? Many professionals swear by adding a couple drops of dishwashing liquid into a bucket of water to create the perfect window cleaning solution. The ingredients in this soap can cut through stubborn dirt and debris that's made its way onto your windows and keep them shining.

By taking these key tips into account, you can revamp your window cleaning routine and ensure that your new investment is around for years to come.