Windows shouldn't be bland and boring. They should lend your home verve and character. You can use them to illuminate rooms, to highlight exterior features and – of course – to bring the outside in. Marvin Replacement Windows in New Jersey can provide you with the quality product you need – all you need to do is pick the design.

Looking for a little inspiration? These four unique looks do away with the usual square casements and traditional double hung box-shapes. Why not give these fiberglass replacement windows a try in your home?

1. Ox-eye windows
According to Houzz, these windows have been around for a while and were once called "oeil-de-boeuf," or ox-eye. They're perfectly round and provide great punctuation to any space, whether it's high in a stairwell or under the eaves of an attic study or bedroom. As Houzz put it, the ox-eye adds a bit of "architectural grammar" that complements whatever your house is trying to say.

2. Porthole windows
Porthole windows are rounded, like their ox-eye cousins, but they have more of a nautical vibe to them. Renovation blog Remodelista pointed out that while porthole windows are all about being water-tight on boats, as part of a landlocked house their goal is to add an away-at-sea feeling to a room. If you can pop them open easily, like a rounded casement window, it's an even greater feature. Check out some of Remodelista's stylish examples.

3. Ellipse windows
Ellipse windows take the round top eyebrow window and make it even thinner and more elongated. Whether placed atop a traditional rectangular double hung or casement or set on its own above a door, ellipse windows offer daylight in the shape of a setting sun. With the right design pattern or grille, this is the kind of window that can define a room.

4. Gothic windows
Want to give your living room the atmosphere of a well-lit cathedral but without all the damp centuries-old stone? Gothic windows aren't just a fun way to play with polygonal window options, they're extremely evocative of a style and mood. While not an ideal fit for just any space, they're an excellent addition to rooms with vaulted ceilings and other grand, spacious features.

Try these four windows on for size in your home – but don't stop there. With Marvin's polygonal windows and signature options, there are no limits other than your creativity!

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