When updating the windows in your home, you might have a general idea of the different styles that are out there. You might even have a specific idea in mind like, say, adding a Bay Window to your living room, or maybe you’re looking for windows that are super-simple to open such as a Double Hung. To help you figure out which window is right for you, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular styles, and the unique benefits of each. From stylish accent options to practical (but beautiful!) classics, here’s your primer to the top fiberglass windows you need to know about.

Awning Windows

Our awning windows actually feature a central top hinge, which allows you to pivot and maneuver the windows to allow in plenty of fresh air. Plus, you can adjust the opening with just a simple touch! Cleaning is also a snap — because the windows pivot, you’ll have full access to both sides, which is perfect for homeowners with limited mobility. If you’re looking to bring a bit more of the outside in, or you simply want to increase the ventilation in your home, Awning Windows are a fantastic choice for their unparalleled versatility and effortless accessibility.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are another great option for homeowners looking for versatility. Featuring side hinges that allow the window to sweep fully outwards, you’ll be able to dramatically increase the air circulation in your home, as well as get a complete and unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Casement Windows are extremely easy to operate and will give you a lifetime of easy, smooth, and effortless use. Unlike some casement windows that require a difficult to use crank, our windows feature an EasyWash hinge that is a cinch to keep clean, as well as folding handles that tuck away for a perfectly clean and streamlined look. You can also bet that each seal and sash is secure and tight, so you won’t have to worry about any air leaks when the windows are closed.

Glider Windows

Glider Windows are another great option for their ease of use, and are especially great for areas that might be a bit more difficult to access. The gliding operation is virtually effortless from every angle — no more heavy, hard-to-push windows. Included in our glider windows is a two-point, concealed lock to automatically lock your window when they’re closed.  Essentially maintenance free, we’ve made the glass and sash easy to remove to ensure that you never have any problems when you need to clean. Looking for a really dramatic statement? Our OXXO Glider Windows can be made up to 6’ tall and can span over 14’ wide, giving you the picture window of your dreams.

Bay Windows/Bow Window

If you’re looking to add a dramatic accent to your home, consider a Bow or Bay Window. Both create a graceful outward projection that adds a little visual drama on the inside and outside of your home, and they each come with a range of customization options so you can create just the right accent for your space.

Bay Windows extend out a bit further than bow windows, and the extra space and wide, sweeping arc can really open up a room. Featuring one large central window and two smaller windows on each side, you can actually customize the outward angling to better suit your space. Plus, the wide seat board can be turned into a cozy reading nook, or it can be a great place to display plants, photos, or other favorite items.

Similar to Bay Windows, Bow Windows add a stately and traditional look to your home. This option features a series of window panes that graceful arc outward, creating an almost panoramic view of the outdoors. Of course, you can customize your pane configurations to create just the right amount of drama. Perfect for capturing an old-world feel, bow windows are truly a unique touch that will set your home apart.

Polygon Windows

Maybe you want something a little unexpected, something that really makes your home stand out from the rest. Polygon Windows can be created in thousands of different shapes and arrangements, which gives you the chance to let your imagination run wild. Whether you chose a simple design or have a complex idea you’ve always dreamed of, polygon windows add a unique architectural — and artistic — touch to your home.

Now that you have an idea of what kind of windows are out there, you can figure out what option will really work best for your home, your style, and your life. So, come on down and tell us all about your unique vision. We truly can’t wait to create your new windows!