Is there anything quite so charming as a sunroom? These spaces are so beloved in homes that they've garnered a number of different regional names. Sometimes they're called sun lounges, in the South they've been termed Florida rooms. Once upon a time, solarium or conservatory was the popular term.

But no matter where you live or the size of your home, sunrooms are beautiful addition. With the right touches – like large, broad fiberglass replacement windows – even an apartment can feature a sunroom! So, what features does every sunroom need to really shine? Consider these five.

1. Bow or bay windows
One of the best ways to bring in a lot of natural light, even in traditional homes where enormous picture windows don't really fit the architectural style, is with bow and bay windows. A bay window is traditionally composed of three separated windows joined at angles to one another. If your sunroom would benefit from a more gradual curve, you can consider inserting either more casements or smaller ones to give the effect of a bow window. Both of these features not only flood the room with sunlight but make perfect locations for cozy window seats. Marvin replacement windows in NJ can help you take this first essential step in your sunroom.

2. A view
Since this space is meant to connect the indoors and the outdoors intimately, you don't want to set your bow or bay windows looking out over just any vista. Choose a side of your house that gets the most sun during a time when you're likeliest to use the sunroom. If it's an afternoon reading space, maybe you'll want to situate it closer to the western side of your home. On the other hand, if your sunroom doubles as a home office, situating it in the east for morning light is best. And be sure it gives you a delightful view of your yard – perhaps overlooking your garden!

3. Plants
Don't just include gorgeous flora in your view – bring it inside your sunroom, too. Traditionally, solariums and conservatories could double as indoor gardens, where the sun allowed exotic plants to flourish even in winter. While you don't need to pack your sunroom like a greenhouse, a collection of house plants and flowers will freshen the air and provide dashes of color.

4. Natural materials
If possible, Houzz suggests you expand the natural influences in your space even further. Incorporating natural materials into your design and architecture can bolster the organic look of your sunroom. Choosing wood interior finish materials for you windows is a good place to start.

5. Luxurious seating
While a cushioned seat beside your beautiful fiberglass replacement windows is a great place to start, make sure your sunroom is filled with plenty of other cozy sitting space. Have the furniture fit the room's purpose. Line it with wicker settees for instance, if you enjoy entertaining in this sport. Or choose a comfortable armchair or rocker if the sunroom is your favorite reading nook.

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