High windows can make a huge difference in the right room, and Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey can help homeowners craft the perfect polygonal window to fit whatever shape your home’s interior or exterior architecture requires. But what do high windows offer homeowners, other than a bit more light? Consider this room-by-room breakdown.

1. The foyer
According to Houzz, the architectural term “clerestory” usually refers to high windows in church design – but it can apply to the home as well. After all, if you’re going to have cathedral ceilings, you might as well have equally worthy windows! One of the first places you can see the benefit of these high-placed windows is in the foyer, where light is usually sparse unless it’s coming from an open door. Take advantage of any space above that door by installing fiberglass replacement windows. It will fill your foyer with natural sunlight, reflecting the room’s natural purpose in the home: connecting the indoors to the outdoors.

2. The stairway
Stairways also tend to be short on lighting, but that can be fixed with a well-placed clerestory nearby. These are especially ideal on stairway landings, where homeowners may want to preserve privacy – which a high-up window can provide.

3. The kitchen
Kitchens are usually in good shape when it comes to lighting, with illuminating broad windows. However, high windows can make an excellent addition. The Kitchn suggests that a clerestory in your kitchen is especially great for ventilating built-up heat, which anyone who’s ever run an oven in the spring or summer has surely dealt with. The source also notes that in any room, the heat coming in from a high window isn’t going to be on the ground near you but up near the ceiling. Combined with Marvin window’s great insulation options, this will keep your home comfortable and cool during the worst of summer heat​ waves.

4. The living room
It’s called the living room for a reason, and you don’t want the busiest space in your home to go without plenty of sunlight or premier design elements. Like the kitchen, a primary advantage of a clerestory in the living room is lots of light without the heat, but the best reason is pure aesthetics, especially with cathedral ceilings. The right polygonal window is guaranteed to be the room’s grand focal point.

5. The hallway
Unlike many rooms in your home, it’s likely that your hallways have no windows at all. These spaces tend to run in between rooms and rarely abut exterior walls, meaning they’re exclusively artificially lit. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a hallway with one end or another that can fit a window, even the smallest of clerestories can make a huge difference in illumination. Your hallway – and all its paintings, photos or other wall art – will never have looked so good.

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