Most folks like to do a major clean around their home close to Memorial Day. This gives them an opportunity to clear out all of the clutter that’s accumulated over the long winter spent mostly indoors.

The key to welcoming spring and summer into your home is keeping it bright and lively with natural light. For this reason, your seasonal cleaning is the perfect opportunity to have new windows installed. Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey can help you find and set up the perfect windows – especially if you’re looking to conserve energy this summer. Special features allow Marvin’s windows to repel unwanted ultraviolet rays that would otherwise heat your home and raise the air conditioner’s energy bill.

Even if you don’t choose to go with fiberglass replacement windows this year, you can still brighten up your home by being attentive to how you go about your seasonal cleaning. Consider these five tips.

1. Clean your windows
Naturally, as you’re polishing down every other surface in your home, some you won’t want to neglect are the insides and outsides of your windows. Most premium windows, like Marvin’s, require relatively little maintenance other than cleaning – nonetheless, when you do it you’ll want to do it well. This Old House has handy step-by-step guides for how to clean various kinds of windows, from picture to multipane. The one rule of thumb, however, is to always use a squeegee for streak-free radiance. And, if you’re looking for some DIY green window cleaner that’s as eco-friendly as your new windows, Apartment Therapy offers a recipe made with black tea.

2. Bring in more mirrors
This is a classic home decor trick for lighting up even the darkest of rooms. Because mirrors reflect light so well, placing one across from a window is essentially the same as installing a brand new light source! Either rearrange your mirrors for maximum illumination or invest in a few more. They’ll have the added bonus of making the room appear even bigger than before.

3. Keep floors clear
Although not as reflective as a mirror, your floors are another surface that can help keep a room feeling bright. Cluttered floors not only shrink a room’s spatial dimensions, they can sap up all the sun coming in and keep it from spreading the way hardwood or tile would allow. Light wood floors are especially great for keeping a room sunlit and airy.

4. Consider a new coat of paint
Any part of your home with dark paint on the walls will have a hard time looking properly lit. While this works for some rooms – home theaters, for example – it’s a detriment to others. Consider turning your cleaning into a renovation by doing some repainting.

5. Brighten your windowsills
Windowsills are important. They shouldn’t be cluttered, but you should not leave them bare either. Instead, choose colorful flowers to place on your sill. These will brighten any room the same way dynamic colors can, plus the plants will get all the sunlight they need while freshening your air!

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