Giving your home a makeover doesn’t always mean you need to break out the wrecking ball. In fact, refurbishing, redecorating, and otherwise revamping your space can sometimes yield better (and less hectic) results than a total overhaul, because you have complete control over all the details. One feature to consider fixing up is your windows. Even if they’re in good shape, a new coat of paint can go a long way in making your home feel refreshed. In fact, there are a lot of ways you can rework your old windows to look new again.

Change the color

As mentioned above, a fresh coat of paint or stain is a simple, cheap, and easy way to update your windows. But, don’t just stick with the hues you had before. Take this opportunity to evaluate the overall look and feel of your home, and consider going with a color to make the sills and grilles stand out a little bit more. You can even go a step further and add shutters in a contrasting shade, which can really make those windows pop!

Change the hardware

This minor change can make a big difference, especially on the inside. Changing out any old or worn hardware, especially handles, can seriously improve the functionality and ease of use of your windows. This is particularly true if you have a casement window that operates with a hand-crank. From a decorative standpoint, changing your window hardware will also give you the chance to try out a new style or finish. Why not add a little shine with polished brass accents? Or, cultivate a more modern feel with satin nickel or brushed chrome. Consider buying a few different options from the hardware store and see how each one looks in your room. This can help you experiment with finishes or styles you may not have normally considered, and you could very well end up with an unexpected option that really puts the finishing touch to your space!

Add shades or drapes

Window treatments are another easy (and often inexpensive!) way to not only update the look and feel of your windows, but a whole entire room. One option I really love is honeycomb shades. Not only are they super easy to use, but you’ll come to love them for the soft, filtered light they provide when lowered, and they can easily tuck away when not in use.

Drapes, of course, are a classic way to change the look of your windows. For your room revamp, try going in the opposite direction of what you had before. Heavy drapes weighing down the room? Try some soft, ethereal sheers to lighten things up — or forgo drapes altogether for a truly minimalist look. If you’re looking to add some more gravity to your space, then more classic curtains could be what you need. To keep things from looking too stuffy, I’d recommend choosing heavyweight curtains in a simple, solid color. They’ll be bold enough to make a statement, but won’t compete with any other decorative touches, like pictures or paintings, that you’ll also have hanging on your walls.

Change the Exterior Trim

This one is for the more avid DIY-ers. While changing the trim around your windows might seem daunting, it’s actually not at all difficult if you take your time and make sure you have the correct tools and supplies. This is also a great option if you have an older or more historic house — refurbishing the old trim can breathe new life into your space, while still keeping all of the charming and unique features you love so much.

Unique decorative touches

Like changing the hardware on your windows, putting unique little accents around the sill or on your window treatments can really make a big difference. The bench seat on bow and bay windows is a great place to display photos, artwork, or collections you really love — or, you can turn the little alcove into a cozy space for reading.  Similarly, using a unique curtain rod over more traditional windows, like double-hung or gliders, or using creative curtain tie-backs, can be a great way to add more personality to your windows. Check out your local thrift and antique stores for curtain rods or other unique odds and ends you can incorporate into your window treatments and surrounding space. Not only will you likely score a bargain, you can also rest assured that nobody else will have the same look you do!