If you are looking for a way to refresh your living room, finding a unique and creative window treatment solution may just be the answer. Often times, window treatments can truly transform and enhance the aesthetics of not only your windows, but an entire room as well. In essence, window treatments highlight, complement and enrich your existing designs with an innovative flair. In many ways, a window treatment is about taking your personality and design taste to the next level. While we’ve all heard of the usual window treatment techniques such as dressing up your windows with a various blend of curtains, awnings, blinds and other common window, there are some unique window treatment ideas that you may not have considered previously that can truly transform and illuminate your living room.

1) Sweeping Drapes

Made to evoke a soft and tranquil feeling, this floor-to-ceiling design brings with an elegant dash right into the heart of your living room. An excellent choice with solid colors and other simple designs, sweeping drapes take the form of a breathtaking waterfall as they hang loosely from the curtain rod. When tied back, these graceful drapes create a beautiful, but gentle arc to increase drama and ambiance. Ultimately, when you choose a design such as sweeping drapes, you’ll give your living room a settled yet subtle relaxed feeling that may evoke feelings of comfort and home sweet home when you have visitors over.

2) Heavy Brocade Curtains

As mentioned previously, curtains are extremely popular when it comes to standard window treatment projects, and are widely chosen for their lively and vigorous personality. However, when it comes to getting your living room to really jump out, heavy brocade curtains are perfect because they infuse a touch of familiarity and friendliness that you simply don’t get from your standard curtains. Loved for their richly decorative shutter-woven fabrics, the gold and silver threads on your brocade curtains is a magnet for attention with its sophisticated pattern and glittering style.

3) Valances

Great as a standalone, valences are charming fabric pieces that only cover the uppermost part of the window. Available in styles of balloon (rounded edge), ascot (triangular shapes) and swag, window valances create an interesting dynamic on your window edge while effectively concealing drapery hardware and adding depth to your window.  Best of all, valences are a great companion to curtains, shutters and other larger pieces of window treatment options. Layer your existing drapery with valences to enhance the dimension of your design.

4) Bamboo Shades

First, it should be said that bamboo shades may not fit everyone’s taste. If you’re one who would like to bring the serene beauty and quality of nature into your home, then bamboo shades is the way to go. Appreciated for their sustainable, eco-friendly qualities, bamboo shades bring the smell and touch of nature into your living room. This exotic window treatment is easy to install as well as easy to maintain. In the most simplest of terms, bamboo shades can act as efficient light diffusers and can always be paired with existing blinds or curtains to add an extra layer of privacy.

5) Plantation Shutters

If you are looking for shutters with large louvers, look no further than plantation shutters. Available in a wide variety of colors, these louvered shutters offer excellent privacy and great outdoor visibility, while giving you control over the amount of natural light you want in your living room. Additionally, plantation shutters also deter heat transfer and can effectively keep heat inside the house during the winter.

Treating the windows in your living room provides the perfect opportunity for homeowners to gain better light control and privacy over their living space. The project also gives many the luxury of experimenting with new patterns, designs, textures and styles. Of course, window treatment is not all about finding various sizes of clothes to cover your windows. The hardware you use can make a difference as well. For those of you who want to go a second mile, try window film to increase insulation, reduce glare and/or add some patterns and colors right on your glass window!