Different rooms require different windows – furthermore, they require different window treatments. The same old blinds or shades won't work in just any space. And you don't want blackout blinds in your kitchen any more than you'd want cafe-mounted shutters in your home theater!

But before you settle on the perfect treatment, make sure you've got the perfect window. Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey can help you find the ideal place to start, whether your space requires gliders, casements or double hung varieties.

1. Long curtains for high ceilings
Soaring two-story ceilings can be a striking feature in any house, and the extra window space certainly allows for a sun-filled room at almost any time of day. While drawing all that space into a cohesive decorative whole can be a challenge – it's one that your window treatments are definitely up for. What you'll want are some equally tall and straight curtains to complement the vaulted ceilings. As Proctor Drapery notes, these allow for an uninterrupted line that runs from ceiling to floor. With their long length tubular or French pleats can also give your drapes a bold look that works seamlessly.

2. Color scheme highlights
Shutters traditionally offer great color highlights for our home's exteriors. Why not let your window treatments do the same for the interior? Take the hue of your room and figure out what shock of bright colors or bold dark shades would draw it out best. Color coordinate your treatments with the rest of your room's furniture as well, though don't overdo it to the degree that your blinds, shades mount or drapes cease to pop.

This color design planning works well in any room, but you can best utilize it in spaces you use for entertaining, like the living room or foyer – spots where guests are sure to appreciate your designer's touch.

3. Whimsical bedroom shades
Bedroom window treatments can be tricky. You'll want to capture a cozy, laid back vibe – especially in guest rooms – but you also don't want anything so light that it can't block out sunlight when folks want to sleep in. Choose a heavy material for your window treatment, but one with a whimsical pattern and that can be easily raised or lowered. Roman shades are excellent for this.

4. Eco-friendly curtains
These days, the eco-conscious homeowner can find sustainable variations on almost any home decor – including curtains. Whether you're looking for organic hemp drapes or bamboo shades, environmentally-friendly options are out there. These work perfectly in any room, but they work best of all in spaces with broad fiberglass replacement windows and lots of natural decor – think sunrooms, kitchens and other green spots.

5. Blackout blinds
Home theater, den, man cave – whatever you call the room where you keep your big high-definition television and superior sound system, it's probably not benefiting from any incoming glare from your windows. Fix that with blackout blinds to guarantee you get the best at-home cinema experience possible.