Marvin Replacement Windows in New Jersey offers homeowners all the traditional window stylings they could want, from modern casements to old-fashioned double-hung options. You can even invest in awning or glider windows, which are great for broad panoramic views. But what about some more architecturally challenging or interesting window options? From bays to bows, hoppers and even hexagon-shaped fiberglass replacement windows, consider these six alternative options.

Bays and bows
Bay windows are one of the most popular architectural features of both modern and historic homes. Traditionally, these project outward from the house and are composed of three windows. In the center is a large picture window that's flanked on either side by smaller casement or double-hung windows. These can be set at 30-degree, 45-degree, 60-degree or even 90-degree angles to the center window, depending on your home's design and your preference.

Bow windows are similar to bays, but they can feature numerous windows instead of just three. The effect of these smaller windows being arced one after the other at slight angles is to create a bow-like view that protrudes from the house.

Not only are bay windows slightly better for a view, but they also offer a signature effect you won't find anywhere else. Both styles, however, are ideal for a living room or bedroom where you might want to set up a window seat.

Round tops
After millennia, the arc still manages to be one of the most striking and popular parts of architecture and design. It's no wonder then that round top windows are featured in so many homes. Whether they're installed solo near the top of a stairwell or as part of a series in your living room, round tops add unique elegance to the home. Marvin Windows offers more than 1,000 different sizes, and homeowners have complete control over custom design. You can pick full, half or quarter rounds – while ellipticals, inverted corners, oval tops, Gothic arcs and a variety of other options are also possible.

Tilt turns and hoppers
Tilt turn windows are extremely versatile, making them ideal for a number of spaces and especially welcome as part of an enclosed porch. These windows can swing in like a door, opening fully to the outside, or tilt slightly inward at the top of the sash, providing ventilation. Ease of cleaning is only one of the tilt turn window's many great features.

The hopper is the ideal complement to the tilt turn, but it's also a useful alternative in a space without the room for a full-size tilt turn option. This window opens with a vertical inward tilt, not unlike an inverse awning window.

Some of Marvin Window's crowning achievements are its specially designed polygon windows. As the name suggests, this window option provides the ultimate in customization for homeowners. These specialty shaped windows are limited only by your expectations, with popular shapes including octagons, hexagons, trapezoids, pentoids and triangles. Whatever window shape or size you need, Marvin Replacement Windows in New Jersey is ready to give it to you!

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