For hundreds of years, wood windows have been an essential choice for homeowners to adorn and compliment their home. It’s not difficult to see why. Wood windows offer a unique and signature look that can be utilized in any home or building. Despite the continuing evolution of window technology, wood windows have retained an organic zest that cannot be compromised. They are a perfect combination of beauty, durability and quality. Here are seven reasons to consider a change to wood windows.

Unrivaled Beauty – Perhaps the top selling point of wood windows is their beauty. Wood windows can perfectly accent walls or any paint scheme in any room. Wood can be varnished or stained or polished with a remarkable luster that cannot be found in any other window solution.

Exceptional Quality – We all want something—our television, car, dishwasher—to last a lifetime. Take solace in the fact that wood windows have been around for a long time. Wood can last for centuries and this is fully demonstrated in the ongoing existence of houses and buildings constructed in the 17th and 18th centuries, using predominantly wood products.

Save On Energy – As a result of their ability to resist temperature changes, wood windows often reduce both home heating and cooling bills due to their advanced insulation ability. Owning wood windows can actually provide substantial long-term savings over the course of their lifespan and this is just another reason why wood windows often tremendous value.

Proven and True – A wood frame provides an advanced and ergonomic insulator that cannot be compared to mechanical competition. Homeowners dwelling in regions with dramatic climate changes often experience the extremes of both winter and summer. Metal products fluctuate more in temperature changes as they are conductors, not insulators like wood. As a result, wood products are once again more likely to withstand the extremes.

Woods Protects Your Windows – Wood-clad windows can stay in excellent form and serve as a firm and sturdy frame for the window itself. Wood is thicker and can easily maintain the shape and dexterity of the glass through its natural strength.

Flexibility in Design – Marvin Windows come with a variety of different shades, stains and colors. In fact, there are a plethora of options. Customers can fine tune and customize the perfect window to fit their needs.

Comprehensive Grill Options – Another extensive option which can been utilized when building a wood window is the grill. Wood is cut and crafted, thus it is easier to assemble a wide variety of window grill options compared to that of mechanically-fused products that offer little flexibility.