When it comes to creating a beautiful and personal interior design scheme in your home, there are numerous factors to consider. Beyond upgrading outdated elements with products such as Marvin replacement windows, it's also vital that you protect the rest of your decor from fading and becoming worn-down over the years.

If you've recently decided to enhance the aesthetic of your home with beautiful fiberglass replacement windows, you're probably excited about the improvement this will bring to your interior and exterior design. However, keep these helpful tips in mind to make sure the rest of your home does not fall victim to faded colors and weathering due to sunlight.

Window dressings
Whether your home is furnished with soft carpeting, hardwood planks or engineered wooden panels, sunlight can actually be a natural enemy of these materials. This is because over the years, direct exposure to the sun's rays can cause the color and condition of these flooring choices to fade.

While the effect may not be noticeable at first, in time you may notice clear difference in color shading between the sunny and darker areas of your interior. Even after staining and polishing wood boards, you may need to replace sections of your floor to restore the original color.

However, you can take precautions against overexposure to the sun by installing curtains and blinds around your Marvin windows. Both opaque and translucent materials can block the direct negative effects of the sunlight, keeping your floor looking great for years to come.

Area rugs
Much like window dressings, area rugs can do wonders to protect tile and wood floors in your home. By protecting floor areas that sit directly beneath your windows with these fabric coverings, you'll minimize light damage while also adding new colors and patterns to the room.

Area rugs are also great for shielding hard surfaces from the scuffs and abrasions that come with heavy foot traffic. That's not to mention the benefit of trapping dust and dirt for easy removal with a vacuum cleaner.

Vary furniture arrangements
Even with area rugs and window curtains, years of sunlight peeking through your windows can take a toll on the furnishings in your home. To prevent this from affecting one part of a room more than others, you may want to consider rearranging your furniture and decor on a semi-regular basis.

Shifting the elements in your home will ensure that sun damage is minimal and dispersed evenly throughout the room. Even slightly rearranging your couches, chairs and rugs once every year or so can make a big difference.