When you think back on the homes that have made the biggest impression on you, they didn't stay memorable thanks to familiar and everyday design. If you're looking for a way to move your home's style and aesthetic outside of the usual paradigm, you don't have to look far. Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey are the top choice for adding breathtaking character and light to your home – no matter the window's shape.

What polygon windows have to offer
Believe it or not, what sets Marvin's polygon windows apart is much more than the shape. These windows are specifically designed to take into account the architecture of your home and highlights its best elements. Not only will your home bask in more natural light than ever, but the geometric style will flatter your home's arches and eaves, showing off the house for the architectural masterpiece it is.

Marvin fiberglass replacement windows can be made to fit any shape you imagine, including options from octagons to hexagons to trapezoids or triangles.

How to customize your new special shape window
Consider equipping your polygon window with features like in-slash openings and clad-wood color options. You can also add exterior clad casing to your new window in order to further highlight your home's architectural beauty. A variety of options provide the look of wood and other material while remaining durable and low-maintenance.

For the eco-friendly homeowner, Marvin also offers a variety of energy-efficient options. Instead of letting your carbon footprint grow, consider giving your windows the Energy Star treatment with tripane glazing. This uses two coated glass panes sandwiching a third between them, and offers excellent seasonal energy performance, whether you're trying to keep your home warm or cool.

Your interior customization options are just as expansive, with several wood species to choose from. You can also invest in clear coat finishes for your wood, which means the wooden portions of the product are conditioned, sanded, coated and baked before assembly. This brings out the long-lasting natural beauty of the wood and is sure to draw plenty of compliments.