Winter is coming and it may be a good time to consider a replacement window contractor if you have drafty windows. Underperforming windows can be the main culprits of perpetually cold homes by allowing heat to escape and consequently allowing cold air in.

Understanding U-Factor
A window's U-Factor lets you know how well the window can retain heat within the home. The lower the U-Factor, the less heat it allows to escape from inside. If you're looking at a prefabricated low U-Factor window that doesn't complement the rest of your home decor, consider Marvin replacement windows, which offers customizable options that will be sure to flow with the rest of your home while allowing you to optimize its heat-retaining abilities.

Looking at Low-Emissivity glazing
One of the factors that affect a window's U-Factor are insulating glass coatings. Marvin uses the industry standard of Low-Emissivity glazing, also known as LoE. They offer single, double and triple glazing on their windows. This glaze is applied to the glass and is made of special metallic material that blocks heat transfer, making sure your home retains as much of its heat as possible. Despite its metallic properties, LoE is transparent in visible light. Additionally, different types of coating allow for different levels of solar gain.

Installing insulating gases
Insulating inert gases can be injected into the spaces between the panes of glass, heightening the window's heat-retaining abilities. These gases have been specifically chosen to slow down heat transfer. Marvin offers two insulating gases. The standard windows are filled with argon. For those looking for an even lower U-Factor rating, Marvin also offers a blend of argon, air and krypton.

Practicing basics in the winter
A great heat-retaining window can be negated by bad practices. One commonly overlooked practice is remembering to lock windows. This will ensure the tightest seal between the window and its frame. Door gaps are another pathway that heat escapes. Consider laying down a blanket or installing a door guard. If your door is particularly old, perhaps look into having a new door installed entirely and make sure it keeps heat in your home as well as your windows do.

Winters can be difficult if a home is not properly insulated. Investing in good quality windows and doors can make the lower temperatures more bearable. Remember that proper use of the right products will help guarantee an energy-efficient house.