One of the greatest features of modern design is that when it comes to windows, almost anything goes. As Houzz points out, not only do you have plenty of modern apartments and houses with nothing but expansive glass windows covering each room, but there are homes on the opposite end of the spectrum, where windows are small, distinct and very carefully situated. In the end, perhaps the best way to choose the quintessential modern window is sticking with a superior design.

Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey offers homeowners the very best in quality. Choose from double hung, casement, awning, glider, bay, round top or a number of other styles – you can rest assured the materials and design that went into your fiberglass replacement windows were second to none.

But what makes for truly modern design, anyway?

Superior energy efficiency
One thing that many modern homes share is energy-efficient design. Homeowners who want to shrink their carbon footprints can do so in a number of ways, from installing low-wattage bulbs to major investments like solar panels. However, your windows may play a bigger role in your home's energy efficiency than you'd assume.

Everything from tripane design and insulating glass coatings can help your home retain heat during the colder months and cool air during the warm ones. You can even find windows that block ultraviolet radiation, cooling off rooms that get even the most intense sunlight. Or pump insulating gases between panes to slow heat transfer from the indoors out or vice versa.

Iconic shapes and arrangements
There are certain features typical of modern windows – such as the lack of curtains or valances and clean, stark design. However, when it comes to shapes or arrangements, almost anything goes. Consider mixing broad ribbon windows with thin, tall windows. Art deco-style slat windows are also a unique look that's sure to become a focal point of your home's exterior.

According to Home Design Lover, many modern houses favor windows with aluminum or metal frames, but you're not limited to that, either. Choose from wooden, aluminum or other cladding styles for your fiberglass replacement windows.

The source also notes that when it comes to deciding the size and style of your window, what you'll want to consider most is lighting. If natural light is important to your interior, go bigger.

Unique indoor-outdoor relationships
One thing that Houzz stresses is how windows in modern homes can offer interesting indoor-outdoor relationships. While modern homes might eschew a lot of the building materials used in traditional homes in favor of man-made materials like metal, their giant windows and striking views often bring the outdoors closer rather than keeping it far away. Striking window frames that reach all the way to the floor or expansive skylights are all ways to bring the outdoors in.

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