It might seem like cleaning up your house only involves hard work and a spray bottle of cleaner, but there’s actually much more to tidying up your interior space. There are proper procedures and products to use when cleaning certain areas that don’t necessarily work as well on others.

In fact, there are likely many mistakes you make while scrubbing and sweeping on a daily basis that can actually do more harm than good to areas like your countertops and fiberglass replacement windows. To make sure you’re doing a great job when tackling streaks and stains, avoid these common home cleaning errors.

Window cleaning in bright sunlight
You might think that the best time to clean your Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey is when the sun is high in the sky, providing you with plenty of bright light to work. However, reports that cleaning glass when the sun is shining is actually one of the worst times to work.

This is because when the sun is out, it can cause window cleaner to dry too rapidly, leaving behind streaks and film on the glass, Cindy LeBow, founder of Great Green, tells the source. Ideally, you should avoid wiping down windows on days when the temperature outside is below 70 degrees or when clouds are blocking the sun.

Spray cleaner overkill
When you’re trying to clean up a particularly dirty area of your home, it makes sense to use extra cleaner to power through tough grease or grime. Woman’s Day reports that the problem with this thinking is how wasteful it can be.

Commercial cleaning solutions are powerful enough to handle most filth you would come upon on a regular basis, so dousing your windows with spray cleaner isn’t going to help make your home that much cleaner. Furthermore, using too much product can leave behind sticky residue on your glass.

Reusing a dirty cloth
Considering that most of the grime you’re scrubbing away will end up on your cleaning cloth or rag, why would you continue to use the same material to clean a variety of surfaces in your home? notes that this can not only transport filth from one area to another, but a saturated cloth can also leave behind streaks on glass windows and tables. Make sure to rotate your cloths frequently to avoid this issue.

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