Alongside being the best way to efficiently light a home, windows are one of your apartment, condo or house's most striking architectural features. Essential to your decor, windows more often than not become a focal point in any room they're in – so you want them to not only offer a stunning view but look good themselves. This can be tough when they're all uniformly square, though.

If you're planning to have new windows installed in your home, Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey are unquestionably the way to go. But, you don't need to stick to the same old square casement or double hung style you're used to. Instead, try integrating a few round top windows into your home's design.

Simple yet strikingly elegant, round top windows look stunning on their own or as part of a multi-window assembly. You can also customize the shape of your window's arch, choosing from full, half or quarter rounds, ellipticals, inverted corners, ovals, eyebrows and even Gothic shapes.

If you're looking to complement your windows with curtains or interior decor features, consider some of these options. They'll help your new fiberglass replacement windows really shine.

Window treatments
If you're not concerned about keeping light out, consider employing a sheer fabric as part of your window treatment since it will accent your new round top windows without hiding their most striking feature – the arch.

Sticking options
One of Marvin's features for its windows are sticking options. Sticking is the interior edging detail where the window glazing meets the wood – it's also occasionally known as beading. You can choose from ovolo or ogee sticking, which both feature soft curves, for a more traditional approach. However, Marvin suggests square sticking for homeowners in search of something more modern or contemporary. This style has a clean and crisp aesthetic that will work well with your round top window and its square lower profile.

Picking the best spacer or grille pattern
Window panes can be shrunk, expanded and multiplied and even influence light diffusion all thanks to the layout of your window's spacer bars and grille patterns. Marvin suggests looking into removable grille options for easy cleaning or even interior color spacers for a splash of character.

Adjust your home's interior architecture
If you're doing major remodeling in your home beyond just the windows, consider how a few alterations to your interior architecture could complement your round top windows. Repeating arches throughout the home and turning them into a structural motif can lend your window's new decorative purpose. Consider integrating arches into room entryways, French doors or your ceiling moldings.

Choose superior cladding
Don't forget to consider your new round top windows from the outside as well. Picking the right cladding is going to be essential. Not only do you want to choose a durable option, but one with casing that compliments your window's design. Take a look at Marvin's variety of cladding options, from the traditional look of the Brick Mould option to the elegant curve of the Ridgeland option.