If you recently had vinyl replacement windows installed in your home, you're going to want to make the most of your investment. This means making sure that small problems such as condensation on your Marvin replacement windows don't cause larger issues later down the road. However, many people don't think much of condensation when they see it on their windows come fall and winter – so what's the big deal about a little water?

What is condensation?
Condensation naturally occurs on cold surfaces when they come into contact with heat, which encourages vapor in the air to form little droplets. It's common to see condensation on items such as soda cans that contain cold liquid, but happen to be exposed to room temperature, forming a "sweat" on the surface. However, windows can exhibit condensation as well. 

While it may seem easy enough to simply wipe the moisture away, it will continue to occur – especially during the wintertime – when homeowners crank the thermostat and create heat. Even new windows can feature condensation in a room with proper sealing and no drafts.

Why does condensation matter?
Condensation can effectively give mold an ideal area to grow over time, which is why it's important for homeowners to manage this before it becomes problematic. If you have new windows but the rest of your house is aged, you may want to see if there are any nearby drafts contributing to the issue. 

Can condensation be prevented?
Condensation can be prevented by airing out a home on a regular basis to reduce moisture levels. This means opening windows once in awhile to allow the air to stabilize over time. Additionally, homeowners can be more mindful of their thermostat and cranking it regularly, which can cause condensation.

Energy Savvy recommended investing in a dehumidifier to reduce the chances of condensation developing on windows over time. They can be especially helpful if you have a certain room where there appears to be more condensation than in others.

Whether you want to prevent mold growth or simply maintain your windows over time, these tips can help you do so. Knowing everything you can about condensation and how to manage it is not just essential in winter, but all year round.

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