If you're thinking about contacting a replacement window company to work on your living room, you may want to look into bay windows. They're a dramatic window style that improves the look of any home exterior, while providing a great feature for its interior. 

Give your home a cozier feel
Bay windows are ideal spots to curl up and relax in. They make great reading niches, offering a comfortable seat and natural light that's easy on the eyes and good for the body. It's a small expansion of space that has a lot of potential. The area beneath the bench can be designed to be a trunk, giving you more storage room while disguising it as additional seating. 

Additionally, it's a great perch for your four-legged friends. Cats and dogs love monitoring the activity outside the house, and bay windows provide a perfect vantage point. Some dogs absolutely need to look outside and may ruin furniture by following their instincts. A bay window may help save your furniture from sharp claws. It's also a security feature human inhabitants can use. Bay windows offer three different views. Its close relative, bow windows, feature more than three panes and offers an even greater range of vision.

Create more counter space
Alternatively, if your home boasts enough seats, you can always raise the surface of the bay window a little higher to create some additional counter space. You can decorate this surface with flower vases or other decor to create a more welcoming exterior. You can change the decoration according to season, making it a fun project for the family and a refreshing view for your neighbors and passersby. It is important to note that expensive items should not be displayed in bay windows, as it can welcome visitors of a less friendly nature. Stick to cheap but fun items when styling your bay counter.

A bay window is a relatively small renovation project that will be sure to have a big impact. Your house will sport a more classic look and you will have more space that you can use for decoration or use as additional seating. Your family, including the pets will be sure to appreciate the new addition. Reach out to a good contracting company to discuss options and see what frames, glass and dimensions best fit your home and lifestyle.