There are numerous factors to consider when you're deciding on a major home design project involving your windows. Ideally, you want to purchase materials that are not only affordable, but beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly. Installing Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey can give you the best of all of these qualities, especially when you opt for factory stained or clear coat wood finishes.

The aesthetic advantage of stained Marvin windows
When you've just spent plenty of time, money and energy on installing fiberglass replacement windows in your humble abode, the last thing you want to do is extend the project longer than it needs to be.

However, wooden window frames require staining in order to bring those darker, sophisticated hues out. That's not to mention that stained wood is more resistant to wear and tear, such as moisture and water damage.

Luckily, you can have this tiresome work done well in advance of installation by purchasing Marvin factory stained and clear finish window frames. Available for doorways as well, these pre-stained options let the professionals sand, condition, stain and cure the wood before it even arrives at your home.

Whether you decide on pine, white oak, cherry, Douglas fir, mahogany, cedro macho or vertical grain Douglas fir wood, Marvin factory stains can enhance the look and feel of your home.

"With our new interior stain and clear finishes, builders and homeowners will save themselves time, trouble and the mess of staining and finishing on-site," said Christine Marvin, marketing director for Marvin Windows and Doors.

Environmental benefits of factory stains
Marvin understands that when you're selecting interior and exterior frames for your home, you want something that won't offend Mother Nature or increase your carbon footprint. Because of this, factory stained and clear finish stain window frames are designed using eco-friendly practices to eliminate airborne toxins that can harm the environment.

"Factory-applied finishes have an environmental message as well," Marvin said. "All of our finish work is done using state-approved procedures to contain volatile organic compounds. Our products contain no volatile hazardous air pollutants and we use a waterborne acrylic enamel that's more environmentally friendly than solvent-borne materials … These new options are a great way to achieve beautiful, ready-to-install windows and doors without mess, fumes and excess time."

Choose from exciting stain selections, such as honey, wheat, leather, espresso, cabernet, hazelnut or the natural appeal of a clear coat finish.