Not all window styles are created equal. Most of them serve widely different purposes, whether that means ventilation or basic curb appeal! One thing you can bet on, however, is that when you choose Marvin Replacement Windows in New Jersey, you're getting a superior product. That doesn't just mean quality materials and beautiful craftsmanship, however. The right fiberglass replacement windows also offer homeowners energy efficiency. Marvin is the market leader in energy-efficient windows, with thousands of options to choose from. In fact, these windows could save you as much as 25 percent on your monthly heating or cooling bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Curious what styles and looks Marvin has to offer? Start with these four classics.

Double hung
It doesn't get much more traditional than double hung windows, especially in older homes around the Northeast. This style consists of two larger frames that overlap just slightly in the center and slide up and down, allowing either the top or bottom half of the window to be fully opened or both halves to open partway.

Marvin offers the traditional double hung window, but there are also several other specialty options. Consider the Ultimate Double Hung Magnum, which is specially made for oversized openings as large as 5.5 feet by 10.5 feet. Or there's the Specialty Double Hung option, which is ideal for historic homes or houses with unique architecture, where a specific craftsman's approach may be necessary. These provide both historic authenticity and modern performance standards.

Casements are the modern traditional equivalent of the double hung, featuring a hinged sash that swings in and out not unlike a door. They use a crank to open and often provide excellent airflow by creating a tunnel for a breeze to travel through.

Marvin offers great variety on the casement window front. Try the classic Ultimate Casement Window, or the Ultimate French Casement Window, which combines beautiful panoramic views with easy opening. Want a casement without the hand crank for opening? Marvin's Push Out Casement collection is ideal for your home and comes equipped with the same multi-point locking system for security. There's even a Push Out French window option.

Awnings, simply put, are casement windows turned on their side. Hinged on the top, these windows have sashes that swing outward and hang over the opening like an awning on a roof. Awnings are great for every part of the home, especially in rainy climates, where fresh air is allowed to flow in while water is kept out.

Marvin suggests any of its awning windows as a complement to casement, picture or double hung windows. Consider the Push Out option for this style, as well!

Just as the awning is a casement window turned on its side, the glider offers the same horizontal option to the double hung. Simple, space-saving and panoramic, gliders are ideal for any space you want lots of light and a really broad view. It's easy to use and a breeze to open. Plus, a sash removal system makes cleaning simple, even when you're on an upper floor.

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