Windows are one of the most functional features of a home. They let air in, keep your home protected from rain and much more. Therefore, it's important to make sure that your windows are as beautiful as your home. If you're thinking about changing your windows to add more character to your decor, consider Marvin replacement windows' round top selection. They're highly customizable and are energy efficient, making your home look great and potentially saving you money.

Customizing your look
Marvin's round top windows are available in a variety of patterns and grilles. You can opt to have a grille at the top, leaving the bottom completely clear for optimal outdoor viewing, or you can bring attention to the lower part of the window by having a pattern there. Alternatively, detailing can be place on the sides, making a unique asymmetrical pane that will be sure to add character to your home.

Additionally, you have a wide range of finishes. The interior comes in a variety of woods and stains. The exterior also boasts many wood options and the paint comes in any color. You can choose to make the grille the focal point and have the exterior frame painted a subtle color that blends in with your house or you can draw attention to your new windows and choose a color that contrasts your siding.

Even the hardware comes in a number of combinations. You start with a folding handle, a crank handle or a lock lever. Be sure to choose one that can be easily used by all members of your household. From there, you can pick from eight different finishes that will be sure to complement your interior decor. 

If you're looking for a truly unique feel, Marvin also offers specialty glass. These range from tinted windows to textured windows. Before you commit to these options, be sure to assess the amount of natural light you may be blocking out from the room. 

Looking at energy efficiency
You can increase your new window's level of energy efficiency by choosing a grade of glass that offers more insulation than the standard pane. This could be an incredibly attractive feature for homeowners living in colder regions.

Windows are a great way to optimize the functionality and form of your home. Marvin's round top windows offer a unique look and boast energy efficiency features. Contact a window replacement contractor today to find the model that's right for your home and family.