Windowsills are easy to overlook. After all, they're not there to be the focal point, unlike windows themselves. But like any aspect of home decor, just because they don't stand out doesn't mean they're not imperative. In fact, window sills can be a handy design feature.

But you don't want your windowsills paired with just any plain, old windows. This is where Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey can help. Whether you need windows that insulate against the cold, cut down on pounding ultra-violet rays or provide superior storm protection – the right fiberglass replacement windows can make all the difference. Even if you're just looking for unique grilles or the right beveled glass for your home, Marvin can offer that alongside sturdy and long-lasting windows.

So how can you best use those windowsills to your advantage? Consider some of these classic and innovative decorations that are sure to look as beautiful from the view inside as they do from the one outside.

The garden
Do you live in a metropolitan area, where the only green you see tends to be growing out between cracks in the pavement? Who doesn't want a little garden of their own, even in the middle of a city! Luckily, so long as you provide plenty of water, your windowsill has the one other key element every garden needs: sunlight. The interior design experts at Homedit suggest that apartment dwellers and house-owners alike show off their green thumb from their windowsills. Get creative with what you grow as well as what you grow in! Tea canisters, mason jars and classic clay pots are all stylish. Show off a few bright bunches of flowers, but remember that you can grow herbs as well – perfect for a kitchen windowsill!

The bookcase
Are you the literary type with a bedroom overflowing with novels and short story collections? Or perhaps you're the kind of history buff who can't have enough biographies or epic tomes chronicling your favorite centuries. Even the kitchen-bound foodie is bound to have a cookbook collection straining his or her shelves. No matter what you read, your windowsill offers ample space for you to store it. If your room has the spare 'sill space, don't hesitate to use it. Just don't block your view, and consider arranging your volumes with the spines facing the outside, so you can show off some of your favorite volumes.

The classic candle
A candle burning in the window is one of the most familiar images in our culture. As Apartment Therapy points out, it's a symbol of warmth and security – especially around the holidays. The flickering flame of a candle is communicating to those outside, whether it says "Happy Holidays" or any other seasonal message! So whether it's actual wax or an electric substitute, consider dressing up your window sill with a warm, flickering light.

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