There's nothing quite like a sunny, breezy day. But while feeling warm rays in the comfort of your living room is a pleasant experience, catching a draft is not. Luckily, you can enjoy the sunshine while keeping wind, moisture and bugs where they belong by installing Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey

Home-owners who are concerned about the cost of new windows may be happy to know that this renovation isn't just about aesthetics, it's a money-saver, too. 

Quick fixes fall short
It's a routine many families go through each winter: You feel a draft coming from the window, then attempt to block it off with caulk, strips or window coverings. These may provide an immediate – and temporary – solution to leaky windows, but often leave what's supposed to be one of your home's most attractive features looking like a project gone wrong. Caulk dries out and shrinks, strips peel and coverings get holes, all of these which are ineffective eyesores. 

Marvin window replacements get to the root of the problem
Putting in new windows may require an up-front cost, but home-owners are likely to see savings on their heating and cooling bills. When installed by professionals, fiberglass windows are durable, insulating and attractive. When compared to older vinyl windows, fiberglass models are stronger – allowing for a larger plate of glass – and contract less, meaning that you won't end up with leaky gaps. Moreover, they hold up well to the sun's UV rays and are more ecologically friendly because they require less energy to produce. 

In addition to keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, installing new fiberglass windows may also allow for more natural light, so you'll be less reliant on lamps and window fixtures, lowering your electricity bills further. Since Marvin replacement window frames can hold a bigger pane than outdated models, you'll be able to get the sunny living space you always wanted. 

People who are reluctant to give up their old windows because they'll  miss the natural, antique look of wood may be glad to know that Marvin windows come in a variety of faux wood finishes, from warm chestnut, to earthy dark maple, to deep mahogany.

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