After you’ve picked out the perfect new windows for your home renovation, don’t think you have to stick to just the basic models. There are a lot of customization options out there that can turn your windows from a basic necessity to an integral design feature that truly enhances the look and feel of your home. We’ve picked out four unique features you need to know about, so you can truly make your new windows stand out from all the rest.


Although wood windows have long been admired for their rustic, natural beauty, they are unfortunately prone to wear over time. Everwood, however, is a fantastic fiberglass composite that perfectly mimics the look and feel of real wood without the worry of warping or decay over time. In fact, Everwood mimics the real thing so closely that it’s virtually impossible to tell the two apart.

Besides the authentic look and feel, we also love Everwood because it can be stained just like regular wood windows. This added level of customization allows you to perfectly match your new windows to the rest of your home, and it also gives you the opportunity to stain them in an accent color to really let them pop. Another plus? You’ll never have to sand or refinish your Everwood windows, and they clean with just the swipe of a dust cloth. Trust us, you’re not dreaming — Everwood is just that unique, versatile, and easy.

Interior and Exterior Finishes

Another way to enhance the beauty of your new windows is with custom interior and exterior finishes. Exterior finishes are designed to match the outside of your home, and often come in a range of neutral hues to best compliment a wide range of siding colors. Even better, an acrylic coating not only keeps the color sealed and looking like new for the life of your windows, it also adds even more durability and prevents your finish from peeling, cracking, chipping, or fading.

Interior finishes often come in a wider range of paint colors and stain hues, simply because there is generally a wider range of colors used in the interior design of your home. Like we mentioned above, Everwood windows can be stained a number of gorgeous shades, and you’ll never have to worry about the maintenance. Rather have a primed and painted finish? Well, the world is your oyster — any custom color can be yours, so you can make sure your windows are a perfect match to your home interior.


Back in the old days, grilles were used to help distribute the weight of large panes of glass. Although glass and window frames today are much stronger and don’t need any extra stability, many people still like grilles to add a unique, decorative, and architectural touch to their homes. You can often find this feature offered two ways — either sandwiched between the glass panes, or permanently adhered to the outside surfaces of the glass with spacers in between. The best thing about grilles is that you can create your own custom configurations, which can really elevate your windows from a basic, functional feature to a true work of art.


It’s often the littlest details that make the biggest difference, and the same is true for hardware. Besides making sure that all of your locks, hinges, and handles are made out of the most durable materials available, a unique finish can really take your window to the next level. For example, classic shiny brass hardware can add a distinguished touch to your room, while sierra or oil-rubbed bronze can create that classic, well-loved look that enhances the coziness of your space.

All of these customization options can really help make your windows your own, and although it seems like there are a lot of options out there, the fun is in experimenting with new colors and designs to see what will really enhance your home. So, go ahead and stock up on those paint cards, and consider that slightly unorthodox hardware a second glance — you never know what you may end up liking!