The words "cottage" or "cabin" still summon up the idea of quaint, hut-like structures for most people, but the reality is that modern rural homes are hardly the traditional or limited structures they once were. Though these buildings might take most of their decor cues from their architectural ancestors, they're equally informed{influenced?} by modern innovation. In this way you can have a log cabin motif mix with the large glass windows of contemporary-style homes.

Windows are going to be a key design element of your rural cabin, no matter what style fusion you're looking for. Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey can help you find the exact style, shapes and options you need to complement both your decor and your view. Consider these points when going forward with your design and renovation.

Take in the view
One of the reasons people move to rural environments or keep summer cabins is to be surrounded by nature. While you're sure to enjoy spending time outdoors in your new wilderness neighborhood, make sure you can enjoy the view from the inside as well. Large picture windows offer this benefit, and you can get them in any shape or style you want. Bay and Bow windows are also an option for homes if you prefer a more traditional style, but still want a panoramic view.

Focus on lighting
One of the other major benefits to large windows is the amount of light that they let in. Rural cabins tend to be in shaded forests or mountain regions, which means that sunlight might not be as easy to come by. Make sure your cabin grabs all the lighting it can by installing windows strategically in your home. As Houzz points out, in a collection of modern cabins throughout the U.S., large windows are complemented by light interior hues and open floor plans to make a cabin feel even larger than it is.

Even in smaller rooms, consider how much natural light a window can add. For instance, a high awning window in a bathroom will maintain privacy while flooding the room with sunlight. You can also request specially shaped polygonal windows to match any space.

Go green
Fiberglass replacement windows offer a variety of green benefits. And anyone who's relocated further into nature is sure to appreciate that. Dual-pane or tri-pane glazing options are great for energy efficiency in the home, retaining heat during the winter and the air conditioner's cool air during the summer. These can help you lower your energy dependence and reduce your cabin's carbon footprint. Don't forget to look into other eco-friendly features, such as insulating gases.

There's no reason that cabins can't marry the old and the new. While rustic decor brings plenty of the natural environment indoors, modern design features like enormous picture windows can literally make your home's natural surroundings the focal point of any room.

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