It is not easy to stay on a gym routine. Many Americans start their new year with resolutions to work out more often, but one of the hardest parts about keeping that drive is finding the time or will to get to the gym. Many people have sought to fashion their own gyms right in their homes, affording them a convenient and timely way to tick off all the boxes on their fitness regimens, and with the benefits that the right windows offer you, you can be burning away those calories in an invigorating home gym in no time. 

1. Proper ventilation
If you want to make sure that your home gym is properly ventilated, Marvin replacement windows offer a number of window types that will give your gym a great look while also making sure the air circulates properly. The Telegraph suggested that the ideal source of ventilation is a good window. Casement windows and gliders let a good amount of air in and out. Secure double-hung windows are also great options. Window placement is also important. Consider placing windows adjacent one another for superior air flow.

2. Natural light
While you want to make sure that you have enough room for proper equipment, and high ceilings and wide space to move around, one often overlooked element to a home gym is lighting. Shape noted hat a great workout space has lots of natural light coming in. The Telegraph pointed out that you do not want lighting solutions to get in the way of the equipment, so having a good amount of natural light in an area where the right window can benefit your workout room.

A few awning windows are perfect for spaces that are partly underground, but if your workout room is in the corner of your house and above-ground, consider large casement windows or gliders as viable options. 

3. Serenity
If your garage is in close proximity to nature, or perhaps a few picturesque trees, you may want to make sure that your gym affords a good view. Especially in the winter months, when outdoor cardio is barely an option, it is important to keep nature in view to keep your mind calm and motivated during a workout. 

Large casement windows offer substantial views and provide a decent amount of ventilation. Also, their easy opening style provides quick access to fresh air. Views through casement windows also give you the luxury of a look outside without the distraction of a bunch of small panes.