Summer is vacation season, which means plenty of people are going to be hitting the road and heading up into the mountains or to the lake to spend weekends – or longer if they're lucky! – at the family vacation home. However, before you spend the week or month at your favorite home away from home, why not take the opportunity to get some of that construction or remodeling done, just like you keep planning and putting off?

There are plenty of features that improve a summer home. A deck is a must-have, for example, and a shed to store outdoor equipment in – from kayaks to lawnmowers – is also a good idea. But frankly, you're escaping to the middle of nowhere for one reason in particular, and that's the natural surroundings. Allow some of the outdoors to come inside at your vacation home this summer. Curious how? You just need to install the right fiberglass replacement windows.

If you're ready to take the plunge on some new windows at your summer home, there's only one place to call: Marvin Replacement Windows in New Jersey. The Marvin difference is clear in every piece of glass, and the energy efficiency savings are sure to be handy this summer when you're running the air conditioning. But most importantly, Marvin windows offer you unparalleled clarity when you're looking out on the lake or nearby mountain range. If you're looking for some advice on what the best windows for your summer home are, just consider these two options, from the practical to the broad and beautiful.

Marvin's glider windows combine contemporary styling with traditional craftsmanship. Their streamlined look is great for log cabins or modern homes alike, but there's no question about where these windows belong most: in the kitchen. Set up behind a sink, a glider window offers a gorgeous view and easy one-handed opening. Plus, the slim profile saves on space and offers all the energy efficiency benefits you expect from Marvin. With this panorama before you, doing the dishes will never be a chore again.

Bay and bow
These cousins are among the most popular window styles out there, and for good reason. Not only do they expand the spaciousness of a room, they offer a better view than almost any other design. Bay windows are constructed of three casement or double hung windows attached at either 30, 45, 60 or even 90 degree angles. A bow window is similar, but it features more windows usually at a much slighter angle, so the gradual shape gives the appearance of a window in a bow-like shape.

Either option is perfect for the living room, where they can provide a high definition glimpse of the outdoors even the television will have trouble matching. But bay and bow windows are also great for home offices or dining rooms. They look great as part of breakfast nook as well, and you can even install them on the second floor!

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