The ultimate purpose of a home is protection from the outside. Who wants to weather a rainstorm when they can be cozy under their roof at home? But any house that's too shut off from its natural surroundings risks becoming sterile, boring and boxy. Allowing your home's natural surroundings to become part of its style and decor is a great idea. It adds character, color and even shape to your interior. Imagine how a large picture window could help bring the outdoors into your own living room!

If your home's windows aren't up to snuff, let Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey help you find the perfect alternative. And don't stop there, either. You can find a variety of ways to integrate the natural world into your home. Consider these tips, which start with brand new fiberglass replacement windows.

The best show on earth
Over the years, televisions have come a long way. Combined with masterful cinematography, a good high definition TV can offer you crystal clear vistas. But at the end of the day, no award-winning show or movie is going to offer you anything nearly as real as the view from your living room. But just like you'd update your TV to the latest specs, you'll want to do the same with your windows. Today's premium windows aren't like anything your home's had before. Not only does a quality replacement window offer a crisp and clear glimpse of the great outdoors, you can get that view expanded larger than ever. Check out some of these stunning homes courtesy of Houzz. More disappearing wall than glass pane, these homes redefine what can be done with quality window craftsmanship.

And with Marvin's premium design and energy efficient features, you don't have to worry about soaring utility bills. Furthermore, your windows are up to handling whatever Mother Nature wants to throw at them. In fact, some of your most stunning views might come during the worst of a tropical storm.

Rethinking the garden
After having your striking new windows installed, you may be enjoying a panoramic view of your back garden, but there's no reason to limit your home's plantlife to the outdoors. While you're rethinking you home's windows, perhaps you'll want to redesign a room as a solarium. This is perfect for growing a variety of colorful plants, even during the winter.

Houseplants – whether part of an interior garden or dispersed around the home – are always a great air-freshening idea. But you can also consider making the local flora a part of your decorating scheme. Prints, wallpaper, sofa throws and other decor can take its influence from the surrounding ecosystem. Live in the Midwest? Sunflowers might be a perfect motif. Call a Northern forest your home? Why not utilize ferns?

Stay in the shade
One of the most eco-friendly ways to reduce the energy you use cooling your home in the summer – other than installing fiberglass replacement windows – is planting trees. Strategically placed, these trees can cut down on the heat of the sun. But best of all, they offer a better view than shuttered blinds or closed curtains!

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