One of the best ways to create interest and appeal in your home is to change up an area with a simple yet creative design twist. Whether you're painting a single wall lime green in an otherwise white room or transforming your kitchen work area with a hanging pot rack, these additions can create an interesting focal point without changing the original decor scheme.

Installing new specialty and round top Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey can be just the thing you need to bring an aesthetic edge to your home's interior. These unique portals can help vary the overall look and feel of your room while opening up new potential for future upgrades.

Here are three examples of how specialty and round top fiberglass replacement windows can be used effectively in your humble abode.

Reading nook and bench
Round top windows can be used in a variety of design projects, but one of the most popular functions of this product is in creating a reading area that offers plenty of natural light. Installing two or three of these glass panes with an elliptical or Gothic eyebrow construction in a recess in your wall will allow you to create a set-back seating area.

Underneath the window frame, you can install a wooden or cushioned bench that's perfect for lounging in the sun with a good book or for an afternoon nap. The recessed construction is also perfect for creating built-in bookshelves in the walls around this area.

Roof peak window
If you're considering revamping your attic or top floor, you're going to need plenty of sunlight to make this dark area more appealing. Whether your plan is to create an extra bedroom or design a recreation room, using a triangular or pentagonal specialty window can do wonders for the room's appeal.

By installing this type of window in the space where the front or back wall meets the roof peak, you can enjoy a large window that allows in natural light and provides views of the sky and clouds.

Bathroom window
Just like any other room in your house, the bathroom can benefit from warm, natural light. However, a large window can cause concerns about privacy, as you don't want neighbors being able to peer in on your business.

Luckily, you can let in just the right amount of sunlight with a medium-sized, circular window set high up in the bathroom wall. Not only will this shape provide a nice decorative focal point in the room, but it will keep anyone from accidentally peeking in from outside.

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