A home is meant to be a safe place. We trust it with more than just our furniture or possessions, after all. While hurricanes and extreme weather can be a threat, homes are also vulnerable to other potential dangers, such as robbery. Make sure you take the first step toward home safety by investing in Marvin Replacement Windows in New Jersey.

Marvin windows are devoted to creating a safe environment for your family. The same elements that make Marvin's StormPlus collection of windows unique will offer your home security from break-ins. Although gracefully designed and beautiful to look out of, these windows are rigorously tested for their ability to stand up against intense weather extremes and impact resistance. Trust these premium Marvin windows for your ground level floors – their energy efficiency is a great bonus feature.

Looking for other home security tips? You've got the fiberglass replacement windows, now consider how each of these tips could improve your home and family's safety.

Be smart about spare keys
The first place to start is with your spare keys. Burglars are smarter than you might expect, and many of them know exactly where you keep your spare key, since it tends to be in just one of several common places: false rocks, above the door frame, under a flowerpot or – worst of all – right under the mat. Instead of trying to outthink the burglars, why not go with an option that's foolproof and safe, such as giving your spare key to your neighbor.

Make vacation preparations
HowStuffWorks, an advisory website from the Discovery Channel, offered this tidbit: Always plan ahead before going on vacation. Nothing will tempt would-be burglars more than a mailbox overflowing with bills and magazines you clearly haven't been around to pick up. This is one of the reasons residential crime goes up in the summer, according to the source. Again, your neighbors can help you out here. Hash out a plan where they'll be willing to pick up your mail for you.

Have timers on your lights
Unfortunately, asking your neighbor to go into your house and turn on all your lights each night around sundown, then turn them off again right before bed, is a bit much. Instead, consider investing in timers for some of your lamps. These are exceptionally useful when you're out of town, but it is a good idea to keep them on year-round – just in case you're out extra late at night. Timers give the illusion that someone's home, which can discourage burglars.

Set up exterior lighting
The lamps indoors aren't the only ones that keep crime at bay. A well-lit yard and front porch also help to avoid potential break-ins. Consider how motion sensor flood lights or other options might help you out.

Consider investing in a home security system
Nowadays, one of the perfect complements to secure windows and smart travel planning is a home security system. If someone tries to break in, the system will immediately notify the authorities and with any luck the police or security will be at your door in minutes. 

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