Whenever the seasons are in a period of transition, it becomes crucial for homeowners to examine particular points in their residences. This is especially true with regard to windows. As they often end up being a place where air can easily escape (or be trapped by), any issue with your windows needs to be addressed immediately and decisively – with remedies such as energy efficient replacement windows. 

Whether you're in the middle of fall and bracing yourself for the oncoming cold or at the peak of spring with summer's heat just around the corner, these transitory seasons are an ideal time for you to take a close look at your windows and see if they are up to the task of dealing with whatever weather is on its way. Simultaneously, you should closely look at the benefits of new replacement windows and then work to determine which options will be best for the comfort and aesthetics of your home.

Looking to gauge energy efficiency
According to The Daily Record, there are a number of telltale signs of a need to replace your windows for increased energy efficiency. It's wise to start out by checking the exterior and interior finishes, windowsills and weather-stripping for stains, debris, moisture or other forms of wear and tear.

From there, examine for signs of cracks, condensation or fogging. These all clearly indicate that unwanted air – whether hot or cold – can easily get in and adversely affect the interior temperature of your home. Finally, you also should immediately replace windows that are out of date, even if they only have small parts that are broken, because it may be more expensive in the long run to find parts for older models.

Benefits of updating windows
If your current windows are single-pane – as is the case with older ones in many houses – the efficiency benefit is one of the most obvious, according to NTV. Single-pane windows are known for not being sealed as tightly as dual-pane options, and therefore allow unwanted air to seep through.

Safety is another important consideration, the source states – particularly for families with small children. Older floor-to-ceiling windows may be single-hung, which are not safe to keep open while children are close to them. Double-hung windows will make for a better choice. 

Finally, switching out your older windows can make for a perfect improvement to the overall appearance and aesthetics of your home. While this isn't as important as more practical considerations, it could be just what your interior needs.