As the National Weather Service's Hurricane Center notes, nothing is as important as preparedness when it comes to storm safety. Not only should you know when and what kind of storm is coming, but you'll want to take precautionary measures to make certain your home isn't vulnerable to damage from a major weather phenomena.

Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey can be a major step toward storm preparedness. The Jersey Shore has seen its fair share of hurricanes, and there's no telling when another may strike. Luckily, thanks to StormPlus protection, you'll be looking from the inside out staring down that hurricane in its tracks.

Superior craftsmanship
The key to StormPlus windows may just be the matched qualities of beauty and durability. These windows don't sacrifice any of their grace for strength. While they offer beautiful views and energy efficiency benefits, these fiberglass replacement windows are also designed with coastal codes in mind, which means they'll protect against flying debris, torrential downpour, pressure changes and temperature extremes.

Coastal homeowners are used to the elements taking a toll on their windows, but StormPlus sidesteps the wear and tear of sun, salt and humidity thanks to superior materials. The aluminum cladding on these products is fabricated using a five-step pre-treatment process, and you can expect colors to stay fresh and glossy years down the road, despite storm conditions.

Testing for the worst a storm will offer
As Jersey Shore natives know, hurricanes can throw a lot at you – sometimes literally. That's why StormPlus products aren't only designed for coastal conditions, but tested for major storms – including impact resistance. Dealing with winds of 120 to 140 miles per hour and withstanding major damage from wind-carried debris are what these windows do best, designed to meet all international building codes for any Atlantic coastal area. You can rest assured with StormPlus, even after a major impact, the window's structural integrity remains intact thanks to its laminate layers. 

Product options
Just because StormPlus windows represent a new pinnacle of hurricane preparedness for homeowners doesn't mean they sacrifice aesthetic quality or style for it. For example, the double hung windows offer interlocking checkrail systems that combine added strength and reinforced frames with a clean and sleek appearance. Best of all, these windows are available in clad and wood as well as a variety of shapes, such as rounded tops.

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