The key to a good home office is taking the best parts of home and the best parts of an office and combining them for a room that's as efficient as it is comfortable. If you're lucky enough to telecommute full time or run a business out of your home, a home office you can look forward to spending each day in is important. Keep your space fresh and stylish with the help of Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey.

Expansive windows are a great home office feature, but before you start putting your space together, consider where you want to situate the home office itself. Your windows are a beautiful source of natural light, but will you be using the space more often in the morning or evenings? If you want to catch morning light, set up your home office facing east to take full advantage of the rising sun. Tend to put in more hours during the evening? Switch to the other side of the house.

Either way, you'll want windows that offer maximum lighting and maximum inspiration. Choose a panoramic view that gets your energized and working. House Logic also suggests homeowners choose light colors for their home office space, so as to maximize the effect of natural light all day long. Light-colored ceilings and walls can be offset easily with the right furniture. Try off-white with navy blue furnishings to anchor your space.

1. The right seating
Furniture is an integral part of your home office beyond what it adds to decor. The right desk chair is just one example: it should be stiff enough to keep you alert, with back support that's both ergonomic and cozy. You may also want to include a few armchairs or a couch – especially if your home office is used as a consultancy space with clients. These are also great additions for when you need to kick back and let your mind roam. Set up a few chairs so that they enjoy the view out your new fiberglass replacement windows.

2. A perfect layout
Whether you go in for feng shui or not, your room's layout is vital to your productivity. For instance, some people are bothered by having their back to the door. Position windows and fans for optimum air flow, especially during warmer seasons when rooms can get stuffy. House Logic spoke with a remodeling expert who suggested incorporating psychological cues that tell homeowners they're at work once they walk through the door. One suggestion includes changing doorway trim and other visual points of distinction. If your home office shares space with another part of the house, consider how a folding screen or a line of filing cabinets could create an effective dividing line.

3. The desk
Big or small, facing toward or away from your new Marvin windows, sleek and modern or wooden and traditional – you need a desk in your home office. This centralized focal point is key to your concentration and command of the space. Try out a number of different ones before settling on what feels best for you.

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