Fire may be mankind's greatest invention, and there's no doubt that Thomas Edison's creation of the light bulb as we know it today is an incredible step forward for humanity – but neither of these can hold a candle to radiant sunlight.

As Houzz, the exterior and interior home design website and photo catalog, pointed out, even the simplest use of sunlight can completely transform a home, turning it from the bland and ubiquitous into a dynamic space filled with character, color and – of course – light. Whether its the refraction of sunlight through raindrops, or the reflection of sunlight on water shimmering across your ceiling, Houzz noted that sunlight is often the perfect design complement. And the best way to fill a home with sunlight is often through good architecture and smart window placement. Marvin Replacement Windows in New Jersey knows a thing or two about that!

The news source offered up a world tour of light-filled spaces and window design, from Paris to Maine to California. Some use large fiberglass-reinforced panel windows, others experiment with opaque window glazing to great effect. But from Canada to Sri Lanka, the one thing that each home has in common is innovative window design.

Think beyond the double-hung or casement
Not all windows are created equal – nor should they be. Different style windows fit different situations, but every so often one of the prescribed models – be it a glider, bay or casement – just doesn't fit the bill. So if you're in need of fiberglass replacement windows, but need a brand that's willing to go non-traditional, Marvin's for you.

Marvin polygonal windows can add character and surprising dimension to your home because these windows are ideal for getting sunlight where you'd least expect it. From the top of a stairwell to a dormer, gable or alcove window, these special shapes are limited only by the homeowner's imagination. Consider thousands of options, including octagons, hexagons, trapezoids, pentoids and triangles to name a basic few.

Best of all, they come with Marvin's high-quality standard features and options, including argon-insulated glass, aluminum clad exterior or all-wood brick mold casing, a bare wood interior and even StormPlus reinforcement for coastal regions.

Of course, there's also Marvin's acclaimed energy efficiency features, which will help your home go green in style. And homeowners can also choose from a wide range of glass options, some of which will cut down on ultraviolet rays, and all of which offer spectacular lighting. From the soft glow of sandblasted glass to the dappled effect of the Flemish or Aquatex specialty glass options, your new polygon windows will be almost infinitely customizable.

Looking for a window that you think might be too over-the-top? The kind of job that would draw attention from a blog like Houzz? Marvin Signature Solutions can help you there. Just take a look at some of the architectural challenges these window designers have taken on. Whether you're looking for traditional, well-made windows or cathedral-quality effect, you won't find a more stylish option!

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