The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in a home, and a small one can be hard to work with. However, replacement windows can be a simple remodeling project that will have an immense effect that all household members will notice and appreciate. 

A room can quickly feel cramped if there isn't a large window that allows plenty of natural lighting into the space. Additionally, a window allows individuals to look beyond the room into the spacious outdoors. If you have a modest kitchen with an equally unimpressive window, this is the time to expand. 

1. Frame the outdoors
Glider windows are inherently larger models, since panes need to shift in order to open. Additionally, the minimal framing provides optimal viewing. Marvin's glider windows are easy to operate and boast automatic locking features, which heighten home security. If you'd like more flair for your small kitchen, there are a number of grilles and design patterns to choose from.

2. Make it elegant
French design doors and windows are classy elements that can complement any style. The double panes ensure that you'll have plenty of natural lighting in your kitchen. Meanwhile, the hinged doors guarantee that your small space will have ventilation and a great view. Marvin's Ultimate French Push Out Casement Windows have a unique locking feature that allows you to preset positions at which the windows will stop. This is a great benefit for families with younger children.

3. Prepare for the elements
Cooking often requires a level of ventilation, which can be difficult to accommodate during rainy or snowy conditions. Marvin's Tilt Turn and Hopper windows can open like a door or like an awning window, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air without having to worry about rainwater entering the kitchen. If you're looking to add some character while taking advantage of these windows, consider the Round Top Tilt Turn, which evokes a cozier feel.

4. Make it truly unique
To give your kitchen a genuinely unique twist, look into Marvin's Special Shape windows. These come in many shapes and sizes. To top it off, your custom-shaped window can even have a design pattern or grille, which will add to the room's character. For homeowners who live in storm-racked regions, these windows are available in StormPlus models.

Make your small kitchen seem even larger by maintaining the landscape outside the window. Additionally, position mirrors to reflect the outside view or incoming light. Reach out to a replacement window contractor to discuss your options.