Cabins are wonderful getaway locations because they take you away from the mundane day-to-day process of living in a busy, commuter environment. They replace manmade structures with natural ones. Instead of car horns, you wake up to the sounds of birds. And when you look out the window, you're not going to see pavement, brick or aluminum siding.

Most folks design their cabins with rugged style, constructing them from all natural material. And if you look on the walls, you're far more likely to see a painting of a bucolic landscape than a photo of a city skyline. The whole point of a cabin is to commune with nature from the comfort of the indoors. That's where fiberglass replacement windows come in.

While windows are an essential feature of any home, it could be argued that they're nowhere more important than in a cabin retreat. Here, they offer a portal to the outside and a constant connection to the natural world.

Taking inspiration
Consider a resourcefully designed Montana cabin made from reclaimed materials featured on Houzz's Ideabooks blog. At 450-square feet it's cozy, but that makes windows all the more necessary. A large window beside the two-seater kitchen table expands that intimate space. And true to the home's scrappy-chic style, windows come in all shapes and sizes.

Another Ideabook catalogs a group of five cabins from Vermont to Iowa, all modern and filled with wide-open spaces that are aided by beautiful views and gorgeous windows. Among the panoramic views are lush woodlands in the Green Mountains, a Maine island's harbor view, a sprawling green and beige prairie and Washington's Puget Sound. In each case, the home's windows serve to make the surrounding environment an extension of the home – all while providing comfort and security, whether from Seattle's coastal rain or Vermont's freezing temperatures and mountains of snow.

Why Marvin?
As much fun as camping can be, you don't visit your cabin to spend time exclusively in nature. The comfort that fiberglass replacement windows offer is two-fold: You get the view and you get the security that Marvin offers. Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey isn't your traditional window seller. Not only are these windows customizable to your aesthetic preferences or size and shape needs, they're designed to draw a line between the outdoors and the indoors – even if it's so thin you hardly notice it.

Marvin windows are energy efficient, so your home retains heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. It can also be designed to withstand hurricane force winds, or worse. Marvin's commitment to craftsmanship is the reason to choose these fiberglass windows for your home-away-from-home.

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