As a homeowner, you're always looking to have your house stand out from the rest on the block. A renovation project on your living room windows would be sure to garner the neighbors' attention. If you're planning on a truly unique feature that breaks away from traditional windows, look no further than the tilt-turn Marvin replacement windows

Add character to your house
Marvin's tilt-turn windows are available in different designs. There's the standard model, a basic rectangular pane for those who like it simple. For traditionalists, there's the simulated double hung, which features a grid design over the glass. The round top is for homeowners who want a softer but eye-catching look.

Aside from its great aesthetics, Marvin's tilt-turn windows offer a truly unique feature. The window opens up like a door at the turn of the handle. A further twist of the knob and the bottom of the window pane locks in place, allowing the top to tilt open. This versatile design allows you to show off a beautifully designed window while taking full advantage of the fresh air.

Customize your look
Marvin's tilt-turn windows come in a variety of woods. Pine is the standard material, but white oak, Douglas fir, mahogany, cherry and vertical grain Douglas fir are also offered. Additionally, there's a selection of stain and finish options. The wooden frames will be sure to continue to provide your home with a cozy interior, while the aluminum exterior boasts low maintenance and a staggering number of color options. In the event that you can't find the exact hue that matches your siding, Marvin also offers custom colors.

Additional options include design patterns and grilles, casing and hardware. There are a number of handles to choose from, which come in a many colors and finishes. The Marvin Architectural Hardware series are especially elaborate and will complement any interior decor. There's even a keyed handle for extra security.

With so many customization choices, you'll have plenty of planning and discussion to go over with family members. Bear in mind that the large opening may pose a safety hazard for young children and pets. Be sure to install the necessary screens to ensure that your loved ones stay safe. Reach out to a reputable replacement window contractor to find out which options best fit your lifestyle.