When it comes to making major additions or upgrades in your home, you want to ensure that you're not only hiring the most qualified professionals, but purchasing products that will work with the aesthetic of your interior and exterior decor. This can be particularly challenging if you live in an historic home with a design scheme that dates back several decades or even centuries.

Luckily, the experts at Marvin Windows and Doors know exactly how to uphold the traditional appeal of these vintage abodes. In particular, Marvin replacement windows can provide Divided Lite Widows that fit an array of historic homes. Here are three reasons to consider these unique products during your next interior design project.

Custom fitting for your home
One of the main advantages of choosing Marvin Divide Lite windows is how well these products can match historic homes. This is an important quality for homeowners who want to see the original decor of their houses preserved while also enjoying the strength and aesthetic of modern-day windows.

Because of this, Marvin Windows and Doors has taken unique steps to provide customers with custom options for everything from casing to sizing and glass choices. This allows individuals to select windows that accurately match their original home construction without fear of anachronisms or glaring differences detracting from the overall appeal.

Greater energy efficiency
If there's one negative area that owners of historic homes can probably agree on, it's that the decades-old construction can often result in strong drafts, cold spots and poor energy efficiency. During the winter and summer months, poorly insulated windows can result in uncomfortable temperatures from outside leaking into the home.

However, the insulation provided by fiberglass replacement windows can help keep historic homes free from drafts and reduce energy loss throughout the year. Not only will this help homeowners enjoy the temperatures indoors, but it can keep heating and air conditioning bills from skyrocketing.

Low maintenance windows
Once the Marvin replacement windows are installed, homeowners can rest assured that their choice will not cause headaches related to repairs and cleaning in the future. The aluminum flat or contour bars that comprise the grilles rest between the glass panes.

Not only is this a stylish quality, but it prevents the grilles from becoming damaged or knocked out of place accidentally. Furthermore, the unified construction of the glass panes means that cleaning requires little time and effort.

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