Everything depends on lighting to one degree or another, but nothing does so much as detail intensive work, like creating art. Whether it's painting, weaving, pottery or any other form of artistic expression, lighting is a key part of not only how your creations are displayed, but how you make them in the first place. For this reason, artists will agree that there's probably no more important windows than the ones in your studio.

If you've been thinking about replacing the windows in your studio, that's a sure sign that they're definitely overdue for it. While some renovation projects around the home can always wait until next year, windows aren't one of them. The sooner you set yourself up with new windows from Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey, the sooner you can begin appreciating what's a truly beautiful and long-term investment.

Perhaps you've heard about the benefits Marvin products offer before, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. But as useful as these features are, when it comes to studio design they don't hold a candle to lighting. Sure, you'll be cutting down on heating and cooling costs with these sustainable windows, and they can even possibly offer you a federal tax credit through the Energy Star program, but more importantly they'll let in the clearest, sharpest light available. With a big enough picture window, you'll swear you're outdoors! Furthermore, Marvin windows come in the traditional double-hung and casement options, but if you're trying to fit a window to an odd shape, you'll want to take advantage of Marvin's polygon windows. With these designers and craftsmen, no geometrical arrangement is too obtuse.

Another key feature is that you can get your new Marvin windows with special coatings on the glass itself that reflect ultraviolet rays without dimming your view out the window. This can help protect your art from the wear and tear that ultraviolet light can cause to color over time.

Beyond Marvin, curious what other tips and tricks can help you keep your art studio bright? Stay productive and do good work with these ideas.

Don't discount artificial light
There's no contest – nothing can compete with actual sunlight when you're looking for full-spectrum color. But science has gotten closer than the days of the Old Masters. Look into various full-spectrum lamps and bulbs that will offer you a cloudy day or nighttime alternative to actual sunlight.

Find your true direction
On his blog, painter Will Kemp discussed the importance to some artists of a north-facing window. With careful consideration, artists can orient themselves to get the most out of the sun while reducing glare. However, other factors help as well. For instance, if there's a limited amount of window space, white walls or a pitched ceiling can help contain light and reflect it down to the artist's space.

Mirrors can also be useful for spreading light around a studio. Experiment with placing them at different vantages to your studio's brand new fiberglass replacement windows!

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