Late spring and summer mark the beginning of the hurricane and tornado seasons in North America, as high and low pressure systems collide to create a dangerous mixture of weather. If you live in a part of the country that is prone to these natural disasters, it's important to take steps to protect yourself and your home from harm.

Tornados and hurricanes both share strong winds, which can make trouble for your home's windows. After all, the last thing you want after installing Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey is to have a lawn chair sail through the glass panes.

In order to maintain your new fiberglass replacement windows, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind about protecting your home's windows during hurricane and tornado season.

Purchase heavy duty plywood
Plywood may seem like a flimsy material, but it's actually the strongest wood available when multiple boards are stacked on top of each other. Because of this, heavy duty plywood sheets are perfect for blocking flying objects kicked up by high winds during a storm, according to USA Today.

Layering these boards in sets of two or three can provide extra protection for your windows. Purchase a high-powered drill and screwdriver to securely fasten these planks over your windows.

Store lawn furniture and decorations
When you're dealing with winds that can reach speeds of 60 to 100 miles per hour, it's important to minimize the chance that your home will be impacted by a wayward trash can or bird feeder, make sure you survey your yard for possible projectiles.

Lawn furniture, garden decorations, pool supplies and landscaping equipment could all threaten your windows during a hurricane or tornado, so make sure to store these items in a safe place in your home.

Trim tree branches and limbs
Large, untamed trees and hedges can cause incredible amounts of damage due to flying branches. If there are any particular trees with long branches or limbs in your yard or on your street, you may want to trim these before a storm arrives.

While smaller trees are usually OK to prune yourself, you may want to contact your local town government to check about addressing larger trees that are near telephone or electrical wires. This can also help prevent power outages from occurring during the storm caused by fallen debris. 

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