Good lighting is the key to any home – and the best kind of lighting comes from broad, beautiful windows. But window placement isn’t enough if those panes are streaked, dirty or poorly designed to begin with. So, if you want to give your home a real makeover, start by choosing Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey.

Rather than vinyl windows that degrade over the years and fall apart, these fiberglass replacement windows are lifetime investments. Not only do they have the lowest seal failure rate of any window on the market – meaning your home retains warm or cool air from season to season – but they won’t degrade from sun exposure either. In fact, you can rely on the fact that these fiberglass windows are maintenance free – all you need to do is keep them clean.

Need a few tips on that front? Cleaning windows can be a breeze with the right tactics, and these are sure to help.

Buy or mix the right solution
There are plenty of good cleaning solutions on the market already, but you can also mix your own to save money and stay eco-friendly. A little vinegar or ammonia mixed with dish soap and water should do the trick. Just make sure you don’t use any bathroom cleaner or other bleach-based solutions on your fiberglass replacement windows.

Have the right tools
You’ll want a bucket on hand for the cleaning solution, but as for your actual window cleaning utensil, only a squeegee will do. Anything else, from dish towels to sponges, are going to result in streaks. But do keep a few towels or sponges on hand for grime.

Scrub more than once
Especially when you’re tackling the outside of your windows, you’ll want to give the glass a cursory wipe with a disposable rag before polishing up with a squeegee. Pollen, dust, dirt and all kinds of detritus can gather here and leave your window cleaning utensil covered in gunk.

Let your squeegee strokes overlap
Since your squeegee drags down dirty water with it as you swipe, make sure that none of it leaks into already-cleaned portions of the window by overlapping your strokes just a bit. Also make sure you wipe up the edges of the window panes where any dirty cleaner or excess solution might have ended up.