It's easy for kitchens to get stuck in the same old design and decor routine. After all, there's no other room in the house so dictated by its fixtures. But while the fridge, stove and other kitchen staples mean that it'll always be the space you use to prep dinner and enjoy meals, there's no reason you can't repurpose your eat-in kitchen space for another reason.

Instead of looking to redesign your kitchen with a restaurant vibe in mind, let Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey help you look outside the usual kitchen paradigms. One of the best alternatives is to light up your space with a muted coffee house vibe. Through a combination of fiberglass replacement windows, careful decor selection and a new paint job, you can achieve this casual, cozy style. Here's what you'll need.

Out with the old and in with the new
You may not need to buy any new furniture to help complete this transformation. Instead, consider turning a part of your living or family room into your dining area, swapping out the couch and coffee table and placing those in your kitchen instead. A coffee shop vibe requires cozy comfort courtesy of sofas, armchairs and side tables. You may also want to throw in a bistro table and hard chair, for those mornings when you want to enjoy your breakfast and cup of coffee with a café atmosphere.

The right lighting and ventilation
Part of that café vibe is going to come with great lighting and a little fresh air. This means you want to outfit your kitchen with the best windows around. Whether you're chopping produce on the counter beside the stove or reading a paperback while lounging in your new coffee shop-style armchair, you will want proper lighting so you can see clearly.  Moreover, excellent air flow is a must when you're cooking. Therefore, you may want to consider how the versatile ventilation of Marvin's Tilt Turn windows could benefit your kitchen's decor and needs.

The new fixtures
No coffee shop is complete without the right kitchen appliances. Don't neglect to invest in a milk steamer, espresso maker and other must-haves. These appliances are useful for when guests arrive or you're holding a book club event, but they're also essential parts of your decor. The stainless steel design is as important as the smell of fresh ground coffee!