If it’s been some time since you last replaced your patio door, then it’s very likely that your door jams and gets stuck each time you try to close it. We’ve all been there before: each time you close your patio door, it slams shut and, who knows, any minute the glass could shatter. It’s painstakingly frustrating. Have you considered a sliding patio door? It just might be the solution to all of our patio door woes. Made to glide gracefully across the track, sliding doors are easy to use, beautiful to behold, and can often increase the ambiance of your living space with outdoor colors, natural lighting, and simply a stunning view of the world.

Beautiful Patio Doors That Slides

The patio is oftentimes your private outdoor space that seeks to refresh your body, soul, and mind after a busy day. However, the tranquility of stepping quietly into the welcoming arms of nature is often disrupted by those creaky and clicking sounds as you try to open the door gently. If you happened to let the door go too fast, you are immediately subjected to an unpleasant bang and a few violent aftermath shakes that seem to threaten to bring your house down. With sliding patio doors, however, you no longer need to worry about any bang or disturbing sound that is commonly created by the swinging patio doors. Instead, a soft push will get your door moving gracefully across the track, giving you a seamless and peaceful transition from indoor to outdoor, and vice versa.

Two Patio Doors, Two Choices

There are two types of sliding doors that are popular among homeowners. One is the beautiful sliding patio door, and the other is the upscale traditional sliding French door:

Sliding Patio Doors

Also called gliding doors or bypass doors, sliding patio doors are ubiquitous for their easy maintenance and beautiful look. Flexibly customized to include two or more individual panels, sliding patio doors are conveniently installed with hidden rollers to glide parallel to the wall, thus avoiding taking up spaces and interfering with furniture placement or walking areas. If your house foundation experiences a shift, sliding doors are also much easier to adjust than French doors due to their design and size. While sliding patio doors offers a generous glass size option to create a convenient opening, sliding patio doors are less ideal for homes that need an extra-large opening for moving furniture or for hosting big parties. In fact, sliding patio doors serves you the best if you want a more personal, private entry and exit way to the outside world. Its contemporary flair also makes it unfit for traditional home designs.

Sliding French Doors

Whereas sliding patio doors instill a modern and streamlined charm to your living space, sliding French doors are the perfect fit for older homes or homes with a more elegant and classic design.  Engineered to save space and upgrade the look of your home, sliding French doors are thoughtfully designed with extra-wide stiles to create that extra-wide opening to accommodate homeowners who are known for their hospitality and large party guests. Homeowners love sliding French doors because its large glass brings in more natural light and a more spacious, gorgeous outdoor scene. However, sliding French doors are slightly more expensive than sliding patio doors. They complement traditional home designs and usually require a larger installing space to fully manifest its majesty and charm.

Choosing between a versatile sliding patio doors or an upscale sliding French door all boils down to your personal needs, architectural designs, and the setup of your living space. Check your budget and the design of your home to find the perfect patio door that fits your aesthetic and utility purposes.