When you head out to the local cineplex to catch the latest blockbuster, there's a reason that the theater isn't stacked floor to ceiling with windows. The view you're there to take in isn't the same as the one out your kitchen or living room windows. But, when it comes to home theaters, should the same rules apply?

As technology continues to progress, HD televisions, high-speed streaming, Blu-ray discs and stunning surround sound systems will become more common. Before long, every home will have its own miniature home theater, provided there is an accommodating space. But, the one thing that's keeping up with home theaters at exactly the same pace are windows. Marvin replacement windows in New Jersey is on the cutting edge of window development, which is why they might just be the perfect – if unlikely – complement to your home theater. Consider these reasons why.

Purer sound
We've already mentioned the benefits of a surround sound system, but did you know that your windows could actually help that action movie or concert film sound even better? Fiberglass replacement windows have many benefits, but one of the handiest is great insulation. Not only does this offer energy efficiency – fewer drafts – but it's also fantastic for noise reduction. Single pane glass doesn't hold up much against outside sounds, but insulated glass or Marvin's tripane design can offer your home theater absolute quiet.

Most houses – much less apartments or condos – can't devote an entire room to movies and TV alone. Homes simply don't have that kind of space, so chances are that whatever room you consider, your "home theater" is also going to serve other purposes. While more often than not it's nice to draw the curtains when you're settling in for a film, most other activities benefit from sunlight and a striking view. So, why not outfit your space with windows that work wonders when you need them as well as a set of drapes that can easily cut out the light when it's time to turn on the TV? San Francisco Gate also recommends simply positioning your television in the room so that it doesn't receive direct sunlight – this way you can let in limited light when you need it, such as when you're having friends over to watch the ball game.

Window treatments
Like any other room in your home, your home theater is going to need decor. When it comes to picking out window treatments, you want ones that match your style. Did you go for an old-fashioned theater marquee style, with framed film posters? Maybe lush, red curtains are best – or in a contemporary or modernly-appointed space, blinds are an efficient option.

The experts at Window Treatments Talk suggest blackout shades as the best option for folks who want to eliminate all incoming light. Those going to this extreme might also want to invest in side channels, which keep light from entering on either side of the curtains or blinds, as well.

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